Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1328: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 29)

His cold eyes narrowed and his brows slightly knit as he headed over to the gazebo.

Qian Si Yu seemed to have calculated Feng Si Zui’s position and she deliberately let her foot slip while turning, falling down towards him.

Feng Si Zui’s lips curled into a faint curve as his eyes saw everything narrowed, unconsciously taking a step back.

Qian Si Yu fell right to the ground.

Liu Xiao on the side was surprised before quickly bowing, “Liu Xiao greets the emperor.”

Qian Si Yu’s delicate hands were red from being frozen by the snow and her twisted foot’s skin had been torn.

She was a bit annoyed as she gripped her fists.  She bit her lip softly before suddenly looking up to say, “Si Yu greets the emperor.”

Actually, she was very pleased with her current appearance.  Her clear eyes were filled with tears and that slight mole under her eye made her look even more pitiful.

She was very confident that she would catch the emperor’s eyes like this.

After all, all men wanted to protect the weak and Feng Si Zui as the emperor would want this even more.

He gave a slight nod before a sparkle appeared in his deep eyes, “What are you doing here?”

Qian Si Yu was surprised, completely frozen by Feng Si Zui’s ice cold tone.

Before coming, she had heard Feng Xing Yue describe this person.  He was a violent and paranoid emperor, he wasn’t easy to approach.

But this was her task since she promised Feng Xing Yue she would definitely do this.

After all…..She was already pregnant with his child.

She had seen this man who was called the ice cold emperor being gentle to his empress.

Although she might not be as beautiful as Luo Qing Chen, as long as she acted pitifully enough, she could definitely enter his heart.

“Reporting to the emperor.”  She gave a weak bow before saying in a soft voice, “Si Yu saw the pleasant scene in the garden and thought that the snow shouldn’t have passed, so Liu Xiao and I came to enjoy the snow.”

“Did Jun Si Yi tell you that this garden isn’t a place you can come whenever you want?”  He gave a cold snort as his deep eyes flashed with hostility.

He suddenly remembered what Luo Qing Chen had told him, that Qian Si Yu belonged to Feng Xing Yue.

Without knowing why, the hostility filled his heart.  It should be a feeling of hating even the dogs!

Qian Si Yu was surprised and looked up in a panic as crystal like tears fell from her eyes.  She just bit her lips as she said, “Reporting to the emperor, it was all Si Yu’s fault!  Si Yu only wanted…..to see the emperor!”

How aggrieved her voice was, how direct the confession was.

She kneeled on the ground in the snow as tears fell down drop by drop, just…..to tug at Feng Si Zui’s heartstrings.

But she…..never would have known.

No one in this world could move this man’s heart because it was already completely filled, there wasn’t a single gap left.

“He, he.”  Feng Si Zui narrowed his sharp eyes and said in a sharp voice, “Could it be that you don’t know that playing and singing songs here will affect the empress’ rest?”

Actually, this was the main reason why he had stopped!

Didn’t they know that these back gardens were very close to the Splendid Hall and their chatting would affect his empress?

The news that he frequently took this path was probably revealed to them by Jun Si Yi…..

What a joke, the only reason he walked by here was because it was close to the Splendid Hall.

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