Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1327: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 28)

The next morning, Jun Si Yi had a happy look on their face as they led the two girls to the rooms of the harem girls.

One was Qian Si Yu who danced yesterday and the other was Liu Xiao who played the pipa.

Why there was an extra pipa player, the process went like this.

Endless Hall, last night.

“If the emperor only lets Qian Si Yu into the palace, isn’t this a little too obvious!”

“It’s alright!”

“It’s better to pick another one!  After all, Feng Xing Yue is a cautious person, it’s better to avoid him being suspicious.”

“Un……”  He was silent for three seconds before saying, “Then bring the pipa player as well!”


After the Hundred Flowers Blossoming, there were many people in the court that discussed it.  Most of the talk was about Feng Si Zui’s harem only having one person and that person was the girl who killed her own child.

But it was all talk in the end.

After all, the emperor who was above all or the imperial censor who was only under one, they were all people no one could offend.

A few days later, in a courtyard in the city’s west.

Feng Xing Yue was pacing back and forth with a serious look, several of his confidants from the barren north were standing on the side.

“Master Feng, miss Qian has been in the palace for several days, has she found chance to act yet?”  One of the men with a beard named Liu Meng couldn’t sit still.

Feng Xing Yue stopped and his sharp eyes suddenly looked up, “She hasn’t had a chance to see the emperor at all.”

He was a bit confused, just what had gone wrong?  Since Feng Si Zui had chosen Qian Si Yu to enter the palace, why wasn’t he willing to take a single look at her?

That really was weird!

“Could it be that miss Qian is trapped in the palace?”

Liu Meng’s words made Feng Xing Yue tightly knit his brows, his words weren’t that unreasonable.

Could it be that Feng Si Zui had an expert helping him that knew their every move?

“If he won’t work with me, then it doesn’t matter.”  After a while, Feng Si Zui narrowed his eyes, “We’ll be worshipping the ancestors at Purple Phoenix Mountain in seven days, it will be an excellent opportunity for us then.”

He didn’t know why he had been suddenly called back from the barren north when everything was going smoothly, but this was a chance.

After all, whether it was Luo Qing Chen or Qian Si Yu, they were all people he could use.

But he never thought that there was a force that was blocking him at every turn, collapsing his barren north forces.

Now he could only make a desperate bet, putting everything on the ancestor worshipping ceremony at the Purple Phoenix Mountain.

Fate never stopped turning.  He had been put in a dangerous situation at the Purple Phoenix Mountain several years ago, but several years later, he would take his life there!

“Peng!”  There was a fist that slammed onto the table.

This time, he couldn’t retreat.


At the same time, in the royal gardens of the palace.

Qian Si Yu and Liu Sang were singing a small tune in the gardens, there was a touch of sadness in their soft song.

Feng Si Zui had passed by and stopped when he heard this song.  Qian Si Yu revealed a faint smile at this.

Jun Si Yi had said that the emperor liked to take this path, so she came to test her luck with Liu Xiao.

She never thought that they would meet.

This scene was very beautiful, covered in snow with white all over.  Qian Si Yu was wearing thin clothes and the snow fell on her lashes.  With her graceful dancing and crisp voice, everyone who heard this would stop.

Naturally that included Feng Si Zui.

But the reason he stopped was different from normal people…..

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