Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1323: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 24)

It was a very strange feeling.  It was like this person in front of him was Luo Qing Chen, but also not Luo Qing Chen.

There was a special cuteness that was always there when she smiled and her eyes were as clear as water.  When she looked at him, there wasn’t any hatred at all.

Now, it was like he was being scammed…...

He would rather die than leave this scame.  He would rather be lied to his entire life as long as he could stay by her side, staying there until death.

“Why do you look like dying right now!”  Luo Qing Chen raised her right hand to smooth his brows, “Don’t show that kind of pained impression from now on because I’ll be with you forever.”

She said it very slowly, word for word in an incomparably clear voice.  She wanted to give him reassurance to let him trust her…...

After all, she would never lie to him…...

“Alright.”  He slowly raised his hand and gently stroked her cheek, “This one…..I really…..love you too much.  You can not love me, but can you not leave me?”

He put down his status, he put down his respect, he put down everything, using his already riddled heart to exchange for a promise.

She didn’t need to love him, as long as she promised not to leave.

“I will love you, I will love you very, very much.”  She couldn’t control her feelings as tears came out.

She used her hands to wipe her eyes, but the hot tears still came out.

Feng Si Zui lovingly patted her head, as he kissed her tears.  He slowly said in a deep voice, “Don’t cry…...This one doesn’t want you to cry at all.”

“But what I said is true!”


“I said…..I said that I would love you very, very much, it was true!”  She couldn’t control her emotions as she said while biting her lip, “Feng Si Zui, you believe me, right!”

She always felt that he would talk to her in a pampering tone, but he didn’t believe one phrase: She loved him very much…..

She felt a bit aggrieved and this strange aggrieved feeling attacked her.

“I believe you……”  Seeing how sad she looked while crying, he suddenly didn’t know what to do.  He softly patted her back, “Fool, don’t cry…..This one believe, this one believes……”

“Luo Qing Chen, I believe you!”

He suddenly felt strange calling himself this one in front of her.  He wanted to talk to her like a normal husband, listening to her and talking about vows.

He even felt that as long as she was there, even the throne wasn’t worth anything to him.  He wanted to take her to an uninhabited mountain and just work at sunrise and rest at sunset with her.

But he didn’t seem…..to have that time!

“I told you, I had you call Feng Xing Yue back for a reason.”  She pursed her lips in an aggrieved manner and there were a few tears in the corner of her eyes.  There was a layer of mist over her eyes as she honestly looked at him and seriously said word for word, “He had already been gathering his forces in the barren north, if he continued to develop like this, he would have attacked Long Peace City in a year.”

Feng Si Zui’s body stiffened when he heard this, he didn’t even dare breathe.

“Why aren’t you saying anything!”  Seeing the stunned Feng Si Zui, her nose became stuffed up, “I’m telling the truth…..You…...You can investigate it!  I’m not lying to you!  I…..Wu……”

She was tightly held by the man in front of her as an overwhelming kiss mixed with her tears fell on her lips.  It took all her thoughts and contained the authority of the emperor.

She didn’t know that he had gone wild with happiness…...

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