Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1322: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 23)

Luo Qing Chen looked at his feet that were wrapped up like chicken legs and pursed her lips, “Does it hurt?”

Walking on ceramic shards on bare feet, it must really hurt!

He slowly raised his right hand and tightly took her wrist to pull her to his side, “This kind of pain isn’t considered pain for this one.”

After all, he had experienced a kind of pain that was like a thousand arrows piercing his heart, a pain that made him clutch his chest and become unable to breathe.

Luo Qing Chen blinked in a daze as she felt her heart suddenly skipping a beat while a faint blush appeared on her white face.

“Do…..Do you want to eat something?”

“Alright.”  His voice wasn’t ice cold, rather there was a pampering gentleness that invaded her heart.

She pursed her lips and slightly knit her brows, “In the future…..you can’t drink that much, it’s not good for your body!”

“Don’t leave me in the future because that’s bad for my health.”

When he said this, he didn’t say this one, but rather me.

It was a kind of request, a request that came from ‘me’.

“I won’t leave you.”  She looked up as her lips curled into a beautiful arc, “I went back to the Luo Manor today because……”

“Don’t say it.”  His slender finger softly touched her lip and his deep eyes looked away in a panic, “Just don’t leave this one in the future, don’t say it this time…..”

He didn’t want to hear, he didn’t want to listen to anything between her and Feng Xing Yue.

As long as she stayed by his side in the future, everything before could be forgotten.

After all, he really, really…...loved her too much…...

At that moment, he wanted to love her more than any time before…...

“No.”  She slowly raised her hand and tightly held his.  A pair of clear eyes took a deep look at him, “I have to say it.”

Whether it was a fact or a mistake, she wanted to see that pained Feng Si Zui.

She had to admit, she really loved him, this paranoid emperor very, very much.

Feng Si Zui tightly knit his brows and his fingers slightly trembled in her grip.

He took a deep breath before deeply looking at her, saying in a soft voice, “Speak, I’ll listen.”

Luo Qing Chen revealed a smile and placed a kiss on his cheek before saying, “Eat while we talk.”

He was stunned and it took him a long time to come back to his senses.  Only when Luo Qing Chen brought a spoonful of porridge to his mouth did he suddenly take her in his arms.

Suddenly, there was a pair of slightly cool lips that domineeringly kissed her.  The porridge in her hand fell to the ground and before she could react, he came forward and gave her a passionate kiss.

It was unknown how long he lasted, but when he heard her fast breathing, he finally slowly let her go.

She lowered her head and touched her ears in embarrassment, “I…..I still haven’t said anything yet!”

“You can say it slowly, there’s plenty of time.”  His gentle voice rang in her ear, as if it was a warm current that filled her.

He softly took her in his embrace, “Don’t go back tonight.”

He had embraced her like this once upon a time, that was when she was focused on taking revenge on him.

Once upon a time, when he thought that he could finally be with her forever, she killed his and her child.

At that time, she smiled at him with that crazy smile.

That smile was one that he could never forget.

But…..at this moment, his feelings was different from any moment in the past.

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