Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1321: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 22)

“Cha, cha.”  There was a harsh sound that hit her ears.

It was like porcelain fragments were being stomped to pieces and that sound was getting closer.

Suddenly, there was a bloody breath that hit her nose when she was pulled into a warm embrace.

This was a suffocating hug that used all his strength to hold her.

So suffocating that even in death…..he wasn’t willing to let go.

Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes and felt her breath stop.  Her nose became stuffy as she began to cry.

“Sorry……”  She bit her lip and took a deep breath, “Sorry, sorry, sorry……”

She should apologize, whether it was her or the previous host.

Feng Si Zui trembled and his heart seemed to stop.  His deep voice sounded by her ear as he said, “What did you say?”

“Feng Si Zui, I won’t leave, I’ll never leave.”  She bit her lip as she said the words in the bottom of her heart.

[Ding, hatred has decreased by twenty (Currently zero).  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

It seemed like…..he didn’t hate her.  Was it that as long as she didn’t leave, he wouldn’t hate her?

Why was his request…...so small!

Silence, silence, a deathly silence.

When the maid said from outside, “Empress, the alcohol relieving medicine and the porridge are here.”

“Un……”  Luo Qing Chen said in a soft voice, “Come it!  Bring a lantern over.”

When the cool candlelight swayed in her eyes, she was about to raised her hand when a shrill voice made her open her eyes wide.


“Ding dong.”

After a sharp cry, the medicine and porridge fell to the ground, scattering everywhere.

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows and followed their gazes, seeing a pair of feet covered in blood.

There were large glass jar fragments in front of her and there were completely deep red, covered in blood…..

“Feng Si Zui!”  Luo Qing Chen almost blurted out these three words, however the man tightly holding her didn’t care about the commotion around him.  He just softly said two words by her ear, “I’m here.”

She really wanted to cry and throw herself in his embrace, telling him to stop hurting!

Really, really, he couldn’t keep hurting!


An hour later, the imperial doctors had finished bandaging his feet.  He had bled too much, so his face was a bit pale.

“Although it didn’t reach the bone, there was a lot of blood, so please don’t touch the wounds over the next few days!”

“Un.”  He softly replied with a faint smile that was hard to hide.

There was a joy that couldn’t be contained in his heart at this moment.

“This old minister will be leaving first!”  The imperial doctor didn’t forget to say to Luo Qing Chen, “Empress, please take care of the emperor!”

There was nothing impenetrable in this world.  It seemed like many people in the palace knew about her meeting with Feng Xing Yue today.

The imperial doctor felt pained for Feng Si Zui, but she could understand.

“Relax, this one will.”  She gave a slight nod with a serious look on her face.

The maids brought some freshly cooked porridge over and cleaned up all the broken fragments on the ground.

Feng Si Zui waved his hand, “You can all leave.”

Everyone looked at each other before saying with a bow, “This servant will leave now.”

The gates of the Endless Hall were gently closed and there was only her and Feng Si Zui left.

It was very silent…...she could almost hear the sound of her own heart beating.

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