His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 132 - Spy's Daughter

Shen Ziqiao snorted hearing that Shen Xiao was a spy. She didn’t believe in that at all. Someone must be framing him!

But who? Sheng Peiyin?

Could Sheng Peiyin really have that much power? After she lost the crown prince’s pampering, she still had the ability to frame Shen Xiao? Plus, wasn’t Sheng Peiyin in Minyue? How could she frame Shen Xiao who was in the northwest and even get the officials in the capital to accuse Shen Xiao of misconduct?

Shen Ziqiao knew better than anyone that Shen Xiao was definitely not a spy but why did this suddenly happen?

There was no news about the Shen Family in the capital yet so Shen Ziqiao wasn’t really worried. She just wanted to find out what exactly happened in the northwest.

“Jiao Jiao, what should we do? How could your father be a spy? Quickly write a letter to your elder brother and ask him about this.” Hearing that her son-in-law was a spy, Old Madam Pan almost fainted. Shen Family had survived a century known as the family of generals. If Shen Xiao turned out to be a spy, that’d be ruining the entire Shen Family’s century-worth of foundation.

However, she was more worried that her two grandchildren will be implicated.

Family members of the person that betrayed Dazhou would all be executed.

“Grandmother, don’t worry. My father is innocent. When the emperor investigates this thoroughly, he’ll be able to right my father.” Shen Ziqiao comforted Old Madam Pan. Though she was also a bit worried that someone might take this opportunity to frame Shen Family.

“If you were to tell me that someone else is a spy, I would’ve believed you but I definitely won’t believe that your  father is a spy. Last time, you guys were almost attacked by the Jin people on the way here. Are you saying that your father also colluded with the Jin people? Impossible. You and your third uncle were in the caravan. There’s no way your father would hurt you guys.” Old Madam Pan didn’t understand the court matters. She was just exclaiming this based on her instinct.

Shen Ziqiao nodded. “That’s right. Therefore, we shouldn’t be reckless and do something bad to my father. Let’s wait and see.”

Old Madam Pan hurriedly exclaimed, “Do we need people on this?”

“Jiao Jiao is right. We can’t be reckless!” Old Lord Pan walked inside. Although he wore a solemn expression, he didn’t look grim. He sat by Old Madam’s side. “There’s something fishy. Let’s not do anything and wait to see what happens next first.”

“Grandfather, is there any news from the capital?” Shen Ziqiao asked.

Old Lord Pan said, “I heard that Sheng Peili was the one that took your father to court. He is an imperial censor and then he went to the ministry of war. He was the one that received the news from Du Ji’s subordinate who died later on, saying that he had news about Shen Xiao colluding with the Jin people. That’s why he accused him of misconduct.”

Sheng Peili? Wasn’t that Sheng Peiyin’s second uncle?

How could he be Sheng Peili? She thought that Sheng Peiyin’s father, Shen Peiye, was the one that had accused Shen Xiao of misconduct.

Shen Ziqiao started to doubt this. According to the original plot, Sheng Peiye had died in Shen Xiao’s hands in the end. But if Sheng Peiye and Shen Xiao were both innocent, then who really colluded with the Jin people?

Why did Shen Xiao kill Sheng Peiye then?

While confused, a maid’s anxious voice rang.

Old Madam Pan had the maid come inside.

“Miss, Tianbao Pavilion’s people said that the trading company is in trouble.” The maid exclaimed hurriedly.

Shen Ziqiao abruptly stood up. “What happened to Tianbao Pavilion?”

“Apparently, someone went to stir trouble. Shopkeeper Fan had me come and tell miss that you should stay inside for the next few days…” Before the maid could finish, she watched as Shen Ziqiao jogged outside.

“Grandfather, grandmother, let me go check.”

Old Madam Pan hurriedly said to the Lord, “Quickly…”

Shen Ziqiao called Hong Ying along and got ready to go to Tianbao Pavilion. Then she suddenly recalled almost being beaten up after being surrounded by people on the streets. She calmed down and called the guards at home with her. They arrived only to see that Tianbao Pavilion was surrounded.

“Beat the spy up! Beat Shen Xiao to death!”

“Shen Ziqiao is a spy’s daughter. Leave Minyue! Leave the Twenty-four Trading Companies!”

“Daughters of spies are all bastards!”

“Tianbao Pavilion must’ve colluded with Jin people under the name of transporting commodities. Let’s avenge General Du!”

Shen Ziqiao stared at the scene shocked.

The court didn’t even truly confirm that Shen Xiao was a spy so why were these people sure that her father betrayed Dazhou? Who was the one that led these people to surround Tianbao Pavilion?

“Miss, you can’t go down. Those people lost their minds.” Hong Ying stopped Shen Ziqiao. If those people saw that she was here, they’d be stirred up even more.

Of course Shen Ziqiao knew what would happen if she suddenly got out of the carriage.

Her gaze landed on the leaders. Those people purposely instigated everyone. Spy’s daughter… betraying Dazhou under the name of transporting commodities… they made all of this up.

“Have someone investigate those people’s identities.” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed to Hong Ying in a low voice.

“Right, third miss.” Hong Ying answered.

Shen Ziqiao took in a deep breath. She exclaimed to a guard closest to her, “Secretly tell Shopkeeper Fan and the others. Don’t let them face them head on. It’s more important to stay safe.”


“Let’s go back!” Shen Ziqiao closed her eyes and resisted her urge to get out of the carriage.

“Smash that!”

The carriage turned around when they heard clamoring by Tianbao Pavilion.

The people that surrounded Tianbao Pavilion barged inside and smashed everything they saw in Tianbao Pavilion.

“Stop! Everyone stop!” Old Lord Pan rushed over with dozens of officers and arrested all the civilians smashing things. “What are you guys doing? Stop!”

Shen Ziqiao clutched the curtain on the carriage tightly, enduring her anger.

Shen Xiao was just accused but the emperor didn’t announce a decree stating his crimes. They were still investigating. No one had the right to call him a spy.

Someone must’ve purposely instigated these people to attack Tianbao Pavilion.

“Third miss, Eldest Master He is here too.” Hong Ying exclaimed in a small voice.

Shen Ziqiao softly nodded. With grandfather and He Chen here, those people definitely wouldn’t dare to smash her store anymore.

She needed to think about her next steps.

The carriage slowly moved and Shen Ziqiao was still immersed in her thoughts.

The guards that she took from Pan Family were left behind to protect Old Lord Pan. She returned home with just Hong Ying.

However, the carriage just left the Twenty-four Streets when another carriage stopped it.

Sheng Peiyin’s charming and smiling face appeared in Shen Ziqiao’s vision.

Shen Ziqiao saw her through the curtain. She came just in time. She was planning on seeking this woman out. If she guessed right, this woman was behind what happened in Tianbao Pavilion.

“Third Miss Shen, who knew that you’re actually the daughter of a spy. Last life, your father framed my father. This life, you finally got karma.” Sheng Peiyin who was insistent that Shen Ziqiao also reborned with her smiled as she walked down the carriage and walked towards Shen Ziqiao. The smile in her eyes became brighter and touching.

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