Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1319: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 20)

At the same time, in the Endless Hall.

A row of eunuchs and palace maids were kneeling on the ground.  There was a rich scent of wine in the air and there were fragments of wine jars all over the ground.

Feng Si Zui was leaning on his couch, drinking cup after cup.  His deep eyes were filled with despair and his lips had a wry bitter smile on them.

As expected, she was a liar.  One that had cut his heart in pieces and spared no effort to stab his heavily injured heart with a knife.

He really was stupid.  When she was talking to herself in the Splendid Hall, focused on studying his condition, he put his cool hands over her eyes.  He had naively believed that she was serious about…..being with him.

He, he…...It really was funny.

Feng Xing Yue had just arrived in Long Peace City and she didn’t wait a single day before secretly meeting him in the Luo Manor…...Just how much did she love him…...

“Em…..Emperor……”  Eunuch Li deeply kowtowed his head, “You have to take care of your body!”

“Take care?”  He slightly raised his brows and gave a bitter laugh, “The one that this loves the most wants to leave this one, wishing that this one would die.  Let me ask you, how should I take care of it?”

There was a touch of sadness in his voice, like a child that had lost everything.  When he looked up, there was a mist over his eyes.

“All of you leave!”

“But, emperor…..”


With a roar of rage, the entire Endless Hall fell into silence.

He closed his eyes and the image of her playing chess with him appeared.  Those slightly pursed lips filled with arrogance, the joy she showed when he let her win.

Just a simple action could stir his heart this easily.

But why couldn’t she lie to him a bit longer, it didn’t need to be that long.  One year…..One year was enough.

After all…..he didn’t know if he could even last a year.  If she waited for him to die, even if he said he wanted to go to hell with her, he knew in his heart that he wasn’t willing…...

He wanted to be by her side, be good to her.  He didn’t want to let her go and he didn’t want to make her sad.

Contradicting himself, year after year…...

He used to think, why not get a few more concubines!  Perhaps they could enter his heart.

But when he had this idea, he would always give a bitter laugh…..His heart, was there a place for anything else?

“Da, da, da, da.”  There was a familiar set of footsteps that approached that made his heart skip a beat.  The moment he raised those beautiful eyes that were as deep as the sea, they dimmed again.

“Stop drinking.”  Xi Jin gave a deep sigh, “Why do you torture yourself like this?”

“This one is torturing myself like this, why can’t she feel a bit of pain!”  He gave a bitter laugh and drank another cup of wine.  There was a trace of tears in the corner of his eyes as he said, “Even a bit…..is fine!”

His mind was filled with thoughts of Luo Qing Chen and Feng Xing Yue together, reuniting after a long time…..She must definitely…..be very happy!

“She has no heart……”  Xi Jin’s voice trembled a bit and she was bit choked up as she said, “Can the emperor’s heart not take anyone else?  Could it be that it has to be her?”

Or perhaps, she should stand up.  When he needed someone the most, stand by his side and repay him for everything over the years.

“He, he.”  Feng Si Zui gave a cold laugh and closed his eyes.  After a while, he slowly said, “It has to be her.”

He would love her even in death, that was Feng Si Zui’s only obsession in this life.

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