Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1318: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 19)

But what he didn’t expect was that the emperor Feng Si Zui would indulge her this much.

This kind of indulgence had become biased pampering.  Even if she made a ridiculous request like letting Feng Xing Yue come back to Long Peace City, he actually agreed…..

“Luo Gong, please don’t misunderstand Qing’er.”  His expression changed slightly as he said, “We’ve never had contact.”

If someone were to ask him if he still loved Luo QIng Chen, his answer would be yes.  But if they had him choose between his land and Luo Qing Chen, he would definitely choose the former.

However, in order to obtain the former, he could give up everything.

In the back garden, Luo Qing Chen was preparing to head to Luo Gong’s room, but she bumped into Feng Xing Yue when she turned the corner.

The two looked at each other.

She could see desire and power in his eyes and she couldn’t see anything from her eyes.

Those eyes that were as clear as water, but he couldn’t see…...any joy from their reunion.

What was going on?  Did he…..make a mistake?

“Qing’er…..”  He softly called her and quickly moved in her direction.  When he was about to take her in his arms, she took a step back.

She slowly looked up at him and coldly said, “Young master Feng, there is a gap between our identities, please have respect.”

The moment she looked up, she had the pride of the master of the harem.  Those beautiful eyes didn’t have a single wave in them.

Feng Xing Yue was frozen in place!

This was a girl who had resisted Feng Si Zui for her sake, but she was this indifferent at the moment of their long awaited reunion.

Im, impossible…...

He didn’t believe that her heart would change, it was absolutely impossible!

“I know that there are many people here.  Wait for me, I definitely won’t let down your expectations.”  He looked at her with a pair of determined lines, waiting to break the fake defenses she had put up.

But he didn’t know that Luo Qing Chen didn’t need to pretend at all.  Feng Xing Yue was really a stranger in her heart.

At least a stranger wouldn’t use her.

“No matter where it is, this one’s response will be the same.”  She revealed a faint smile and said, “Since young master Feng is already back in Long Peace City, you should rest well in your manor.  After all, miss Qian wouldn’t like to see you talking to me too much.”

Qian Si Yu, this person should appear.  Without knowing it, when she called herself this one, she was strangely proud!

At first Luo Qing Chen wasn’t 100% certain if Feng Xing Yue had met Qian Si Yu, but seeing his expression, they should have already met.

Or perhaps, they had already reached the point of promising themselves to each other.

“You…..You…..”  He was clearly a bit stunned.

After all, whether it was on the way back to Long Peace City or in his manor outside the city, Qian Si Yu had always been his maid.

How could Luo Qing Chen know about his relationship with Qian Si Yu, how was this possible?

“This one already said it.”  She narrowed her eyes to look at Feng Xing Yue, “If you’re smart, you should know what to do and what you shouldn’t think about.

As soon as her voice fell, she flicked her sleeve and didn’t spare Feng Xing Yue a single glance as she turned to leave.

Feng Xing Yue stood there alone, not knowing what to do.

It was as if everything had happened too suddenly.  He had been slowly gathering his forces in the barren north when he was suddenly called back to Long Peace City.  He thought that he could take a step towards the throne, but he never thought that the person he wanted to use would separate herself from him so decisively.

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