Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1316: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 17)

“The winner is king!”  Luo Qing Chen wasn’t that naughty at that moment.  Since he had given her some ‘pampering’, she would take it.

The most beautiful scene in the world is you causing trouble, him smiling, living a warm life.

“Not an official win.”  He put down the black piece and carefully put the pieces away before taking a sip of tea, “It’s getting late, this one is heading back.”

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with a faint smile, “See you tomorrow.”

His back stiffened and that dark pool had a trace of light in them.  That ‘see you tomorrow’ had actually touched his heartstrings.

He didn’t know if it was the tea being warm or if this was the first time there wasn’t the knife of hatred between him and her.

That night, she slept very peacefully, but when morning came, she had a dream.

The dream was very vague, it was dense forests one after another.  It was like she was being chased by something and when she thought she was dead, there was a man in a moon white robe who blocked it for her…..

“Ah!”  Luo Qing Chen suddenly woke up as beads of sweat dripped down her forehead.

She let out a long breath before touching her back, feeling a chill come over her.

“Empress.”  Xiao Cui seemed to have heard her screaming as she charged in, “Empress, what is it?  Why are you sweating this much?  This servant will bring an imperial doctor for you.”

“No need……”  She raised her right hand and rubbed her temple, “It was just a dream.”

Or to be more accurate, she had a nightmare, but this dream felt like a long lost memory.

“But empress, your face looks bad…..”  Xiao Cui poured a pot of hot water and quickly helped her wipe her face, “This servant will make a cup of ginseng tea for the empress!”

“No need.”  Luo Qing Chen took the towel to wipe her own face, “Prepare a low key dress for me, I’m going back to the Luo Manor.”

It had to be said, Xiao Cui’s eyes were good.  She helped her find a light green dress with a cloak and twin flower jade hairpin which looked quite good.

Since the Luo Family already had some power in court, it wasn’t hard for Luo Qing Chen as the empress to leave the palace.

Everyone didn’t know what to do since everyone in the palace knew that she was the empress.

An empress who had killed her own son, but wasn’t punished at all.  Rather all her cares were taken care of, so it was clear what position she had in the emperor’s heart.

Actually, she went back to the Luo Manor for only one thing.

She wanted to know what she had forgotten.

“Qing’er, you…..Why are you back?”  Mother Luo was clearly very surprised and a bit scared to see her.

After all, their family’s old man had told her last night that Qing’er had requested the emperor to let Feng Xing Yue return to Long Peace City and he would be here today.

Luo Qing Chen had appeared in the Luo Manor in this low key dress.

Could it be…...Could it be that she wanted to elope with Feng Xing Yue!

“Mom, what are you thinking…..”  Luo Qing Chen softly patted her hand, “Don’t worry, I’m just here to ask you something.”

“Ask?”  Mother Luo was still a bit worried since the timing was just too coincidental.

“Xiao Cui, close the door and don’t let anyone in, understood?”

“Yes!  Empress.”

“Kacha.”  When the door closed, Luo Qing Chen looked at mother Luo and said, “Mom, do you remember I was gravely ill a few years ago?”

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