Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1315: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 16)

It had to be said, she really had the urge to slap herself at that moment.

It was because Feng Si Zui’s words made people too angry.  All these words went against her thoughts and hearing it, she couldn’t suppress the anger inside her.

Once she listened too much, she felt that the wild power inside her couldn’t be suppressed any longer and her anger immediately burst forth!

So when she couldn't stop herself, it really couldn’t be blamed on her…...

“Since this one is dumb, then it would be good if you gave this one a suggestion.”  He gently put the piece down and a faint smile appeared on his frosty face.

It should be because he didn’t feel any anger at all from what she said, rather…..he was quite happy.

After all, she didn’t have Feng Xing Yue come to the palace or did she say some nice things to make him let down his guard.

He asked this question now because he really wanted to know what kind of position Feng Xing Yue had in her heart now.

Although he knew, there was a 99% chance that her answer would leave him bruised and battered.

But…..what about it?

He had a heart, she could hurt it…...

“Wu.”  Luo Qing Chen wasn’t focused on Feng Si Zui’s question, but rather the chess board in front of her.

It had to be said, Feng Si Zui really was good.  She always felt that it had just begun and it was already about to end!

The black pieces surrounded the white pieces, not leaving a single gap.

Ze, ze, ze, the previous host really is bad at chess!

[Host, this is your own skill, it has nothing to do with the previous host!  If the host inherited the skills of the previous host, the host should have clearly stated it before the mission!]  The system was very helpless at the host’s ‘shirking responsibility’.

It had to bravely stand out and speak up for the previous host!


Luo Qing Chen cursed the system in her heart, but she had a bit of a grin on her face.

“What, is this one’s question hard for you?”  Feng Si Zui’s tone was a bit disappointed.  The words Feng Xing Yue, it would forever be the weakness of the girl in front of him…..

“What’s hard!”  Luo Qing Chen took a white piece and after hesitating a bit, she angrily put it down, “It’s very simple the emperor wants to deal with Feng Xing Yue, don’t let him live too close to Long Peace City, but don’t let him live too far either!”

He looked down at the chess game that he was already winning and he put the black piece in a ‘seeking death’ position.

Instantly the entire game changed.  The white pieces that had been surrounded before showed signs of winning.

She pursed her lips into a faint smile as she looked up, “Is the emperor satisfied with my answer?”

After all, she only had one purpose in having Feng Xing Yue come back.  She wanted Feng Xing Yue in the area of control for Feng Si Zui, so it would be hard for him to do what he wanted.

Of course, it was best if he wasn’t too close to the imperial palace.  After all…..although he had been in the barren north for a year, he still had some power in the court.

Although his influence was very weak, the saying went that wildfires never stopped and the spring breeze could revive it.

Since she had done all this, it was impossible for her to give Feng Xing Yue the chance to stand up again.

Feng Xi Zui heard this and didn’t reply.  He took a deep look of her for a long time before saying, “The empress’ chess skills…...it really isn’t that good.”


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