Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1313: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 14)

“Why does the emperor keep asking this question?”  Luo Qing Chen patted his sleeve and had him sit down as she said, “Can’t this concubine be studying your condition?”

“You keep calling yourself this concubine, this one really isn’t used to it.”  Although it sounded very awkward, when she took his sleeve, he could feel his breathing stop.  She really seemed…..a bit different.

“Oh.”  She lowered her eyes slightly.

He couldn’t see her expression, feeling a bit…...disappointed.

When he was planning to sit lower to see her expression, she casually said, “Then I’ll just use ‘I’, since I felt it was a bit awkward too!”


He was stunned.  Although he was a bit speechless from her answer, he had to admit that when she said this…..she was a bit cute!

[Ding, hatred has decreased by ten (Currently thirty).  Mission completion rate is now 40%.]

“Ah?”  It had to be said, she was a bit confused by the system’s notification.

It seemed like Feng Si Zui really felt that her calling herself this concubine was ‘fake’!

“You said that you’re studying my condition?”  Feng Si Zui looked down at her with a serious gaze, “If you want me to die, there’s no need to be this indirect.”

“Who’s thinking about you.”  She didn’t look up, but her tone was a bit angry.

After all, she was no longer the her who had nothing.  After all, she now had 40% affection, it didn’t hurt to act a bit arrogantly.

Before he could even say a thing, she said, “I don’t want to become a widow!”

Feng Si Zui narrowed his eyes as he looked at her, feeling a bit confused at that moment.

She was wearing a bamboo coloured flower plaited skirt with a lily bun on her head.  When she pursed her lips and said ‘widow’, it really was a bit cute…...

Half a month ago she did such a decisive thing to her and his child and half a year later, she used a bowl of medicinal soup to let Feng Xing Yue come back to Long Peace City.

Now she was caring about his illness.  Did she want him to die or live?

“Ke, ke.”  Seeing her with that pure look on her face, Feng Si Zui was a bit enamoured.  He looked into her clear eyes as he said, “Feng Xing Yue will be back in Long Peace City tomorrow!”

“Really?”  Luo Qing Chen suddenly looked up with a smile that was hard to hide on her lips, “Great, he’s finally back!”

When her voice fell, she felt a chill around her, like she had met a ghost in summer…...

She slowly looked up in a daze.  When she looked into his dark as ink eyes, she knew where this chill came from.

“Eh…..”  She immediately explained, “I didn’t mean that!”

Her joy completely came from Feng Xing Yue being unable to gather power in the barren north, it wasn’t what he was thinking…...

“This one knows what you mean.”  He said word for word through gritted teeth, speaking in an extremely cold voice.

As expected, she did all this to get Feng Xing Yue back.  She was just afraid that he would hurt him…..

Si…..It really was ridiculous…...

His heart…...really hurt…...

Couldn’t she at least pity him, putting her joy in her heart and not showing it so clearly in front of him…...

He always felt like he was being tortured to death by her words, it reached the point that his heart filled with so much pain that it wanted to stop…..

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