Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1310: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 11)

Xi Jin and Zhong Zhe were two friends that he had met when he was still a prince.

The three of them would often drink wine and talk, but they didn’t ask about their identities.

It wasn’t until Xi Jin and Zhong Zhe promised to be together that Feng Si Zui learned that Zhong Zhe’s father was the general Zhong Guo.

The veteran of three dynasties, the battle tested general.  Zhong Zhe wanted to go to battle very much, but his father wasn’t willing.  In the end, he could only wander around Long Peace City all day.

But if he wanted to marry Xi Jin who was famous at the time, Zhong Zhe felt his identity didn’t match.

After all, he was different from his father.  He wanted to rely on his own power to marry Xi Jin.

When Feng Si Zui learned of this, he used his identity as the prince to recommend Zhong Zhe.  In a battle against the southern barbarians, he had won and received the name Far General.

Everything had been going smoothly, but something caught them off guard.

On the day of Xi Jin and Zhone Zhe’s wedding, someone reported the Zhong Family for treason and the evidence was conclusive.

The emperor had given the order, completely destroy the Zhong Family.

Zhong Zhe begged to see Feng Si Zui all night, begging him to save Xi Jin.

Although Feng Si Zui was the prince, he still couldn’t do anything after using all his power.

When it was related to treason, whether it was true or not, it was poison in the eyes of the emperor.

He couldn’t save anyone from the Zhong Family, so he could only say that he liked Xi Jin and wanted her as a concubine.

Xi Jin didn’t agree at first, but Zhong Zhe told her that she had to live.  That way she could use the rest of her life to prove the innocence of the Zhong Family.

The emperor had promised Feng Si Zui in sparing Xi Jin’s life, but she couldn’t enter the eastern palace and could only live in a remote place of Long Peace City.

When Feng Si Zui took the throne, he let her enter the palace and took her as a concubine.

Actually, Xi Jin wasn’t willing to enter the palace at first, but because of Feng Si Zui’s worry about her safety and his promise to Zhong Zhe, he used a radical method to bring her to the palace.

“Why does the emperor want to drink with this concubine tonight?”  She drank a full cup and a blush appeared on her white as snow face.

He suddenly revealed a bitter smile as he said, “What is on the mind of a woman in the end?”

“Love.”  After a while, she slowly looked up to take a deep look at Feng Si Zui as her eyes filled with complicated expressions.

“He, he.”  He gave a cold laugh and drank one cup after another.  Then he said with a soft sigh, “She didn’t mind killing her and this one’s flesh in order to hurt this one, why is there love?

Loving Feng Xing Yue…..?

“Actually……”  Xi Jin drank two cups and put her right hand on her cheek.  There was a faint sparkle in her eyes as she looked at him, “I really envy her.”

There was a crazy emperor who had given all his love and hatred to her.

Shouldn’t this be worthy of envy?

“Envy?”  Feng Si Zui’s eyes turned cold and a chill came from him.  His lips curled into a cold arc, “When Feng Xing Yue returns to Long Peace City, this one wants to know if you still think it’s that funny then.”

She was surprised.  This ice cold emperor had misunderstood her meaning.  Her envy wasn’t about Luo Qing Chen wanting Feng Xing Yue to come back to Long Peace City, but rather there was such a good man who loved her deeply.

Loving her to the bones, hating her to the heart.

“Reporting to the emperor and concubine.”  The maid of the Willful Palace slowly came forth to give a bow, “Eunuch Li is requesting to see your majesty, he says…..that it is related to the medicinal soup.”

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