Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1309: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 10)

“Alright.”  Luo Qing Chen’s voice trembled a bit, but there was a determined look in her clear eyes.

When she saw his cold smile, she felt her breath stop for a second.

That smile, that coldness.

He slowly raised his hand and his slender fingers slid across her face, “Do you see the Gu on the side?”

She suddenly trembled, as that dark feeling reached the bottom of her heart.

The Gu next to the painting on the eastern wall had given her a suppressive feeling when she walked in.  Now that Feng Si Zui mentioned it again, she couldn’t help feeling a chill run down her back.

“What…...What is it?”  She pursed her lips and she didn’t forget to look over.

Feng Si Zui grabbed her wrist and pulled her in front of the Gu.

There was the faint smell of blood that slowly came out.  She swallowed her saliva and couldn’t help taking a step back.

But Feng Si Zui didn’t give her a chance as he instantly opened the Gu.  there was a pair of sharp eyes that looked at her with absolute despair as he said, “This is the child you killed.”

There was a strong smell of blood that reached her nose and she took a step back as her heart beat wildly fast.

This feeling didn’t come for her completely, most of it came from the previous host.

It was the child that she had sent to hell, the blood left inside was the blood that the previous host left after drinking the abortion medicine.

“Un……”  She closed her eyes and her lashes trembled slightly.  The scent of blood made her stomach churn and there was a strong guilt that hit her heart.

She held her chest and took deep breaths as her face turned pale.

Feng Si Zui who had been standing in front of the Gu trembled.  He thought that she would coldly turn around after seeing this blood.

But he didn’t know that she would have such a large reaction.

“This one never thought that you would react like this.”  He carefully closed the bottle of Gu and waved his right hand, “This one will have Feng Xing Yue return to Long Peace City tomorrow, but you have to remember, even if this one will go to hell with you, you will not be able to be with him!”

As soon as his voice fell, he didn’t turn back as he left the imperial study, leaving her sitting on the ground alone.

She looked up at the Gu not far away and suddenly her heart skipped a beat.

The previous host really was…..a heartless person.

She felt the most pain for Feng Si Zui in the end.  Just how far gone was this man that he would still leave the previous host her life after she did such a cruel thing.

To let her live a life without care and protecting her from everything.

So much that even if he was certain that it was poison, he would still find the imperial doctor after feeding her the last sip…...

He didn’t think that if there was a problem with the medicinal soup, he would be the first to die…..

When she returned to the Splendid Hall, she didn’t sleep all night.

The next morning, Feng Si Zui had called Feng Xing Yue back as she wished.

The ministers of the court had all begged him to take back this order, but he didn’t budge.

He was clear that he hated her, he hated her very much.

But even like this, if she wanted something…..he wanted to help her achieve it.

The moon that night was very beautiful and Xi Jin made some cakes for the altar in her room.

This was the altar for the general Zhong Zhe.

“The day of loss…..drink a few cups with this one!”  Feng Si Zui stood at the door of her room and didn’t come in.  He just elegantly leaned against the door frame and gave a sigh.

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