Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1306: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 7)

She took a deep breath, but she didn’t say anything as she slowly walked into the imperial study.

There were some things where if you didn’t take the first step, you would be in a cage for an eternity and would never be able to walk out.

There was a faint musk in the air of the imperial study, which was very light, but soothing.

Feng Si Zui had his back to her and was standing against the eastern wall.  He was looking at the picture on the wall which had a dazzling person.  It was only a few lines and there wasn’t a face.

There was a table by the painting which had a bottle of gu in it.  It was around the size of a bowl and there was a gloomy aura around it.

Luo Qing Chen slowly moved towards him, stopping just three meters away as she gave a bow, “This concubine greets the emperor.”

“Concubine?”  Feng Si Zui gave a cold laugh.  His eyes when he turned made her heart skip a beat.

His face was a bit pale, but those sharp features looked good, like it was carved from jade.  However, there was a coldness on it that kept people thousands of miles away.

“Didn’t you call yourself Qing’er before?”  His lips curled even wider and there was a faint bloodshot look in his bottomless deep eyes.

Without knowing why, there was a strange sense of suppression when she came into this room.

The sense of suppression didn’t come from Feng Si Zui, but rather something else.

The feeling that Feng Si Zui gave her was a very terrifying feeling…...

“I heard from eunuch Li that the emperor has been having nightmares recently.”  She softly bit her lip as she came forward step by step, putting the medicinal soup in her hands in front of him, “Drink this, it’s good for your body.”

She did this because she didn’t know what poison was in Feng Si Zui, so where could she find the antidote.

She only knew that his illness couldn’t be delayed.  In the memories of the previous host, even if that dagger didn’t pierce his heart in the end, his body wouldn’t have been able to last much longer.

The system’s medicine could make his body become normal at least, he wouldn’t be that weak.

As for the poison, what did the system say?

[It’s better to let the one who caused it to solve it!]  The system spread its hand, showing that the host’s memory was very bad!

“Good for my body?”  Feng Si Zui suddenly took a step forward and stopped only a few centimeters away from her.  His sharp eyes looked at her with hatred as he said, “Luo Qing Chen, what tricks are you playing?”

What else did she want him to do?  The pain she caused him was already enough to rip his heart apart for a lifetime!  What else…...did she want?

If she really were to poison him, would she get away with it?

He, he…..How laughable this is!  In the face of this medicine which was almost 99% certain to be poison, his heart wasn’t willing to let her die…...

Without knowing why, when Feng Si Zui said these words filled with hatred, there was a suffocating feeling in his chest.

It really…..felt uncomfortable!

She pursed her lips and looked up a bit.  Her clear eyes looked into his eyes without looking away at all, “Wouldn’t the emperor know after drinking it?”

“This one never thought that other than wanting me to die, you would have something else you want!”  As soon as his voice fell, his lips curled as he said, “Oh!  This one almost forgot, you still want Feng Xing Yue!”

Actually, when he said this, she suddenly felt a bit wronged, strangely wronged.

She looked up at him again and said, “Will the emperor drink or not?”

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