Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1305: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 6)

Eunuch Li was a bit surprised.  Although the empress looked the same as before, there was an indescribable difference in the tone of her voice.

“Empress, please.”  He lowered his head and cupped his hands.

“Ask the emperor…...to call Feng Xing Yue back from the barren north!”

“Ding.”  A soon as her voice fell, the comb fell out of Xiao Cui’s hand and her face was pale.

In the court and the harem, who didn’t know that the three words Feng Xing Yue was taboo?

It shouldn’t be said, it can’t be said, it couldn’t be said!”

She had a faint smile in her eyes as she said, “Do you understand?”

“This servant…...understands!”

“Go then!”

When eunuch Li left their line of sight, Xiao Cui kneeled down and cried, “Empress, you can’t do something this dumb!”

She cried softly, but each tear fell down her face like pearls.

Luo Qing Chen felt a bit sorry for this little girl who was only twelve.  After all, she had no relatives and the previous host was the one who saved her.

“Relax, it’s enough to do dumb things once.”  She raised her hand and helped her up, “Not to mention, that person isn’t worth doing dumb things for.”

Feng Xing Yue, it was a different question whether he was scum or not, but their promise had long scattered.

Since she wanted to protect Feng Si Zui’s land, she definitely couldn’t let Feng Xing Yue gather power in the barren north.

He had to come back…...

[Ding, affection hasn’t changed, hatred has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now -10%.]

To be honest, when she heard the notification from the system, there was a great power that rose in her heart!

Was there a mistake?!  The hatred increased this easily?

But this proved the eunuch Li had passed her words and he was very angry…..

“Peng!”  There was the sound of porcelain being smashed that came from the imperial study.  Eunuch Li was kneeling on the ground, trembling the entire time.

Feng Si Zui held his chest with a pale look as sweat dripped from his head.

“Someone, quickly…...quickly call the imperial doctor.”

“No need!”  His ice cold voice slowly came out as his dark eyes were bottomless.

But in the flickering light, one could see the deep despair in them.

“Emperor, the dragon body is the most important!”  Eunuch Li firmly insisted with a worried look in his eyes.

This empress was just too cruel, she had killed her own flesh and crushed the emperor’s heart.

Now…..Now she was actually asking the emperor to let Feng Xing Yue return to Long Peace City!

“Dragon body?”  He gave a cold laugh.  His eyes were so cold that they could freeze people, but there was a taunting smile on his face.


“Reporting to the emperor.”  Another eunuch on duty came through the doors of the imperial study and seeing the shattered porcelain on the ground, he was so scared that he fell into a kneeling position, “The…..The empress…..The empress is asking for an audience.”

His expression changed and the feeling of a storm coming made people’s hearts tremble.

Luo Qing Chen was standing outside the imperial study and although she had a thick cloak around her, she was still shivering from the cold.

It was winter and it really was cold…..She was afraid that the medicinal soup in her hands would turn cold.

After all, she had used five hundred points to exchange for this from the system.

After a while, two eunuchs came out at the same time.  Eunuch Li looked at her with an almost pleading look, “Empress, the emperor is sincere towards you…..Ai…..Please don’t hurt him again.”

This was a eunuch that had taken care of Feng Si Zui for twenty years, he was speaking the sincere feelings in his heart.

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