Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1304: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 5)

At the same time, in the Willful Palace.

Feng Si Zui was playing chess with Xi Jin.  His face was a bit pale, but one couldn’t see the bottom of his ink like eyes.

“Emperor, that…..”  Eunuch Li suddenly came in, looking a bit panicked.

He looked at Xi Jin and stopped talking.

Feng Si Zui took a black piece and his eyes sparkled slightly as he said, “Say what you want.”

His voice was very cold.  It was as cold as thousand year old ice, but each word had an absolute majesty in them.

“The empress, she…..”

“Ding dong.”  The black piece landed and his fingers trembled slightly.

“Speak.”  It was just a single word, but it contained absolute hatred, as well as a bit of worry.

Eunuch Li immediately heard one of them and quickly explained, “Reporting to the emperor, the empress is fine.  Only…..she returned to the Splendid Hall.”

He was a bit surprised as a look of disbelief appeared in his dark eyes, “When?”

“Just…...now.”  Eunuch Li looked at Xi Jin.  After all, this concubine was the one that was currently being favoured by the emperor.  If he was to mention the empress who had already lost favour in front of her, he might put himself in a bad situation.

“Won’t the emperor take a look?”  Xi Jin’s expression was very calm.  Only her brows moved slightly, there wasn’t too much of a change in emotions.

“I won’t.”  His star like eyes had a bit of a glow to them as he put down a black piece, “It isn’t her first time moving in.  No matter what game she is playing this time, I won’t have any expectations.”

“The emperor’s mouth says he doesn’t expect anything, but his body is honest.”  Xi Jin revealed a faint smile as she slowly surrounded that black piece, “You’ve lost.”

The air around them suddenly became silent.

He could hear the strong beating of his heart and the trace of joy that was in it.

After a while, he gave two coughs, “Fine, I’m heading back.”

Although the emperor came to the Willful Palace normally, he never stayed the night.

As for the reason why, only he and Xi Jin knew.

“This concubine respectfully sends the emperor off.”  She gave a bow, but when she looked up, Feng Si Zui was already gone.

She muttered to herself after that with a sigh, “Not fated, they are the same as us.”

That night, there were many people who couldn’t sleep.

The next morning, when eunuch Li came to the Splendid Hall to check up, Luo Qing Chen learned the Feng Si Zui was holding a ‘Hundred Flowers Blossoming’, letting the thousands of harem girls show off and have a chance to become a concubine.

This news was casually mentioned by eunuch Li, but Luo Qing Chen knew that this ‘casual’ was ‘intentional’.

“If the empress needs anything, you can tell this servant at any time.”  Eunuch Li had a smile as he gave a bow, “The emperor ordered that the empress will be the master of the royal harem, nothing can be neglected no matter what happens.”

“Un.”  She looked into the mirror before casually saying, “Do you need something else?”

“Yes…..The emperor said that in the Hundred Flowers Blossoming in a few days, the empress does not need to go.”  Eunuch Li was a bit surprised before finding it a bit strange.

“As the master of the harem, this one should see the concubines that will be entering the harem in the future.”  She had a hibiscus comb that she used to comb her hair into a bun before inserting a butterfly shaped emerald green coral hairpin into her hair.  Then she casually said, “But if the emperor does not welcome this one, this one can not go.  But…...this one has some words I want you to bring to the emperor.”

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