Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1302: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 3)

It was snowing very hard that night.  The previous host rushed to the imperial study wearing a blue plum blossom robe.

Eunuch Li was very surprised to see her, but he still said, “The emperor is in the Splendid Hall.”

The previous host was indeed surprised to hear this, she never thought that Feng Si Zui would be in her palace.

That night, she walked in the snow.  The cool lamps were hung outside the Splendid Hall and there was a faint scent of incense that came out.

He personally opened the door and when he saw her, he panicked.

Feng Si Zui never thought that she would come to find him or that she would change her mind, being willing to be with him.

The happy days lasted a short half a year.

The previous host was pregnant and the imperial doctor said everything went smoothly.  However, her lips curled and she took out the ‘miscarriage drug’ she got.

Actually, it was an abortion medicine.

She killed her own child.

Feng Si Zui was furious when he learned of this, spitting out blood in the Splendid Hall and wanting to kill all the imperial doctors.

But at this time, the previous host told Feng Si Zui the truth with a strange smile.

The child, I killed it.

She used half a year to completely lure him in and then stomped down on his sincere heart.

He asked her why.

She said, “I like Feng Xing Yue.”

There was something else in her heart, but she didn’t say it…...

Actually, the previous host had liked the male lead, but she didn’t admit it and wasn’t willing to admit it.

She thought that she would only love Feng Xing Yue in this life, she wouldn’t go back on their promise and love.

He became violent, cruel, paranoid, and domineering after that.

He never went to the Splendid Hall again and didn’t care about where she went.

He hated her, very much.  He wanted to use every method to torture her, he even wanted to go to hell with her.

But he didn’t do that in the end because the previous host never paid attention to him.

It really was funny, a person that didn’t care, she would never do anything for you or feel any pain for you.

After half a year, his body became even worse.  Feng Xing Yue had established his power in the barren north and came down with his army.

That was the last time the previous host saw Feng Si Zui as he returned from the battlefield in his armour.

On the battlefield, he said to Feng Xing Yue, “If you take a single step forward, I’ll kill Luo Qing Chen.”

Feng Xing Yue narrowed his cold eyes, “Please.”

In the cold palace, he told her, “Your Feng Xing Yue is back, do you still hate me?”

She said, “I do, I can’t wait for you to die.”

At that time Feng Si Zui took out a dagger from his chest and moved towards her step by step as she retreated step by step.

In the end, he took her hand and placed the dagger in it, stabbing it right into his heart.

It should be at that moment that the previous host realized just who she loved.

She even hoped that Feng Xing Yue was already dead, that way his country wouldn’t be threatened.

That way she could deceive herself by staying in the cold palace, staying by his side.

In the end, Feng Xing Yue found her and Feng Si Zui’s corpse in the cold palace.  He already had another beautiful girl by his side.

“It seems like we have forgotten our vows to each other.”  Feng Xing Yue had a trace of hatred in his eyes as he said this before continuing, “Of course, since I have promised that I would stay with you, I don’t care about your dirty body.”

The girl standing beside him revealed a smile, those words really were ear piercing.

The previous host gave a cold smile.  She didn’t even look up as she took Feng Si Zui’s dagger and stabbed it in her heart.

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