Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1301: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 2)

After she finished this story, she didn’t know why she felt a bit suffocated.

Because this story was too sad…...

The previous host was the only daughter of the imperial censor, with a beauty that could collapse nations.

She didn’t have any worries since she was young.  Her father was very influential in court and she was loved by everyone.

Everyone who saw her loved her, including…..Feng Xing Yue.

The previous host had met him during the fall harvest season, in the back gardens of the Luo Manor.  She was playing hide and seek with other girls, but she never thought that while hiding behind the white silk, she would be hugged by Feng Xing Yue.

When the white silk came off, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say they fell in love at first sight.

After that, they privately settled on each other.

Feng Xing Yue was the seventh son of the current emperor, the son of concubine Leng.  But because of his talent, he received the recognition of the imperial censor.

But he was still very far away from the throne.

Not only because of the six brothers in front of him, but because of his little brother.

The emperor’s son, the crown prince, Feng Si Zui.

The man who was called the number one handsome man of the capital.  He had a strange disease that made his body weak, unable to even stand the wind and rain.

It was said that he had been bitten by a snake when saving a person hunting outside the capital.  The cold energy entered his body and almost took his life.

The imperial doctors in the palace were helpless, but there was a daoist passing through Long Peace City who had seen through it all in one glance.

He looked at Feng Si Zui before whispering in his ears, “Where the antidote you want is, you know better than me.”

Feng Si Zui was surprised before revealing a faint smile, “Jianghu warlock, please leave the palace.”

Even if Feng Si Zui’s body was bad, the emperor had already planned on giving the throne to him.

These seemed unrelated to the previous host, but there was a great relation.

Because the imperial censor who was the dad who loved her very much had rejected the proposal of Feng Xing Yue and married her to Feng Si Zui.

Her dad only told her one thing, “The emperor set this marriage.  It’s fine if you don’t marry, but all the lives of the Luo Family will be gone.”

These words gave her no choice.

Just like this, she married the emperor who everyone knew wouldn’t live long.

The emperor was worried that Feng Xing Yue would act up, so he had sent him and his mother to the barren north.

On the day of parting, the previous host entered the palace in a sedan and the supporting male lead Feng Xing Yue left the palace through the back door.

The previous host was filled with hate, she hated the emperor and she hated Feng Si Zui.

If Feng Si Zui didn’t agree to this wedding, she would have married her beloved and have lived a long and happy life.

After entering the palace, Feng Si Zui named her his princess and let her stay in the Splendid Hall.

But she would rather go to the cold palace where Feng Xing Yue’s mother had been, never coming out.

Feng Si Zui knew that she hated him and didn’t dare bother her.

She thought that he didn’t have any feelings for this fake wedding, but she was wrong…..

He did this to protect her life.

She lived in the cold palace for a year.  There were new harem girls that came into the palace that year, but she never heard of Feng Si Zui favouring anyone.

But he rarely came to find her.  He gave her best of everything, but he just didn’t come see her.

Gradually, she became unwilling, strangely unwilling.

She wanted to retaliate against him, crushing his heart after letting him think that he had won her.

That way, she could face her hatred and make up for the life that she and Feng Xing Yue should have had.

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