In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 13 - The Meeting of the Survivors

All of the survivors of this school had most likely gathered in the conference room.

As Tooru unnaturally cleared his throat, he drew everyone’s attention.

“Since everyone seems to have gathered, I will start the discussion.”

The conference room was deadly silent as he spoke.

Though you couldn’t call it silence.

Because you could still hear the rock music from the hallway.

However, the tense expressions on their faces were enough to dispel any other sound but Tooru’s voice from the conference room.

“Hello again. I am Tooru Saejima from first year class 4.”

He bowed his head.

Seeing that, some people bowed their heads as well.

However, most people were worried about what Tooru would speak of next and seemed to forget to be polite.


“Uh, let’s introduce ourselves first?”

Many faces turned when hearing Tooru’s words…

“What happened?”

Tooru looked at everyone’s doubtful faces.

“W-well, it’s an important matter, yeah.”

Daiki said and corrected his posture on the chair.

The other people learned from that.

“Then, we will start? ...We’ll go clockwise from Daiki.”

There was no one objecting his suggestion.

Daiki stood up.

“Hey. First year class 4, Daiki Oota from the basketball club. Nice to meetcha.”

Miu stood up next.

“...I am Miu Shimizu from second year class 5. I am pleased to make your aquaintance from now on.”

Are you a high-class lady or something?

The question everyone probably thought of appeared in Tooru’s mind.

Though he didn’t say anything aloud.

If he had, he would be looked at with those scornful eyes again.

And he wasn’t the type of pervert who would willingly put himself in that situation.

While thinking that, he made a list of the self-introductions on the whiteboard.

“...Alright, we’re done.”

Muttering that, he moved the whiteboard in front of everyone.

“Third year class 5: Shinji Shouda

Third year class 4: Sayo Haiga Jun Haiga

Third year class 2: Takumi Toudou Kazuma Aso

Second year class 5: Miu Shimizu Yuuki Miyoshi

Second year class 3: Tsubaki Honma

Second year class 2: Seiji Honda

First year class 4: Tooru Saejima Daiki Oota Sakura Yamashita

First year class 3: Hazuki Asagiri Ryu Kamada Rei Shimaura”

Tooru took off the cap of the pen and opened his mouth.

“Then, from now on, I want to have a meeting. First, the most important thing we must carry out is removing the zombies from this school building. In order to do that, we have to make the zombies outside unable to enter.”

Saying until that point, he paused briefly and drew a rough sketch of the school building on the whiteboard.

It was distorted here and there and didn’t look like the real thing in the slightest, but the main point came across.

“We have to close the gates. I tried to close them, but one person alone is not enough. I went and fetched the key to the gates, so we do not have to worry about that part at least. First, I want three people here to close the gate. If there are too many, it will cause zombies to gather, so around three people are enough.”

“Three people, huh…”

Kazuma touched his chin with his hand, and pondered.

The act of closing the gates would naturally make a sound.

In other words, they would end up continuing to attract zombies while closing the gates.

However, the town was this disastrous of a place.

It wouldn’t be limited to a power outage when the electric line became abnormal at some point.

And if it turned out to be a power outage, the music attracting the zombies would stop, and they would gather around the gates.

No matter how quickly and quietly they carried it out, it will be the point of the people in charge.

If that was the case, he wanted two strong people and one person with fighting ability to deal with the zombies for a certain period of time.

“Then, wouldn’t it be better for me to go?”

Takumi, who had his arms folded this whole time, spoke up.

He most likely had the strongest fighting ability and stamina of the members here.

“That is true, please. Then about the other two people, how about Daiki?”

He had points for being a muscle head, and he thought Daiki would be pretty usable.

He asked Daiki.

Doing so, his shoulders jumped.

“L-leave me out…”

He turned his head and started whistling.

He was a strange guy who you never knew when he wanted to get involved and when he didn’t want to.

However, there was no other way if he himself said no.

When Tooru asked other people, Miu raised her hand.

“Uh, Senior Shimizu?”

Miu stood up and looked at Daiki.

“I think Oota is a good choice. I think he is the most capable person here that we need.”

That was certain.

However, seeing that the person himself said no…

“I’ll do it.”

(Daiki… Your eyes are becoming hearts…)

He wouldn’t say anything more to that.

No, he couldn’t say anything more.

“Then, the last person…”

Tooru roughly surveyed the members here.

The only remaining strong person among the members here was Seiji, huh…

“Senior Honda. May I ask you to do it?”


He replied before he knew whether he was done talking or not.

Sanpaku eyes1 caught a hold of Tooru’s eyes and refused to release them.


He became weak in the knees from too much fear.

However, like a friend in need, Tsubaki helped out.

“Seiji, please…”


Seiji corrected his posture on the chair, crossed his arms and legs and closed his eyes.

Was this a sign of agreement?

As he was bewildered, Tsubaki gestured that it meant “OK”.

“Then, I will ask these three to do this. The remaining people, please wait on standby in the conference room.”

Takumi, Daiki, and Seiji stood up.

“So, don’t we have weapons?”

Seiji said, facing everyone.

“That is right, everyone, please put weapons and food and such you have on you on the table.”

Daiki chose a metal bat, and Seiji chose a knife from the luggage lined up on the table.

Takumi seemed to be empty-handed.

He started to loosen his body.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Takumi was a leader in his nature, and so the three left the conference room.

They didn’t know how it would play out, but their lives were in the hands of those three.

Thinking that, he couldn’t help but pray for their safety.

  1. Eyes with visible white between the iris and lower eyelid. They usually look quite intense.

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