Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 13

After Louis arrived at Rachel's room in the Marcel Marquis' residence, his fiancée in front of me bowed as a greeting. "Your Highness. Thank you for Samuel."

"Nah, he's done well because he's a good cook, right? You should thank him."

"No, it's also thanks to Your Highness who introduced him to me."

Rachel looked up straight at Louis with determined eyes. Her cheeks had considerably returned to its initial plump state. Even though she still could only sit in the chair, she didn't wobble as much anymore.

"Then I'll accept your gratitude. How's Samuel's cooking?"

"He's a really great cook! Thanks to him, I realized the importance of my meals and profoundness of cuisine."

Rachel smiled happily as she started talking about Samuel. Her joy was genuine.

Louis' eyes reflexively widened at that.

He was surprised. He thought that Rachel's various expressions were interesting, but this was the first time he saw her making such a face.

Unconsciously, his cheeks also relaxed. Her happiness was contagious.

Yeah, it's not bad. Seeing her with this face is not bad.

Louis found Rachel's happy face very interesting. He wanted to see it more. How could he make her look more joyful?

For Louis, the time he spent with Rachel was the peaceful time isolated from his everyday life.

Rachel's eyes were looking straight at him. As someone whose power was made of lies, she was dazzling.

"'Profoundness of cuisine'?"

"Yes, Your Highness. It seems that even if a chef uses the same ingredients and recipes, the seasonings and the setting of fire will completely change the taste."

"Ahh, that makes sense. The seasonings in this country certainly change depending on the region. The foods in the commoners' diner have different tastes from store to store."

"Ah! Your Highness, you have been to the commoners' diner?"


"How envious! I have misunderstood the life of commoners. When it comes to food, they have more ways to cook than nobles."

"Yeah. That's because the nobles have a strong belief that fixed course food is the best."

"What a loss!"

Louis couldn't help but laugh. Rachel never talked this much before. Especially with so much passion. Moreover, she was interested in the commoners.

She had really changed.

Louis stared at Rachel who put her fingers on her lips and considered, "Should I ask Sarah to buy it for me?"

Before Rachel got sick, she only talked about this noble doing this, or this theatre was interesting. Louis noticed that this drastic change was strange. However, for him, the time he spent with Rachel who talked about what she actually thought was enjoyable now.

Louis was invited to attend another country's event as the king's substitute, so he couldn't come here for a while. What's weird was he kept thinking, 'What is Rachel doing now?' 'Rachel's health hasn't worsened, right?'

Something like this never happened to him before.

Hmm, I guess I like this space more than I expected.

"What are you worried about?" Cyril asked in frustration, losing his patience at Louis who was absentmindedly staring the documents piling up in the office.

"Worried? Me?"

"You are, aren't you? You never lose motivation in working until now."

"That's right, but... consulting to Cyril won't help me."

"Now you're speaking rudely of me, eh. So what is it?"

"...I'm wondering what kind of gift will make Rachel happy."

"Anything is good, isn't it? Since she's a woman, how about flowers and accessories? You regularly give those things to her too."

Annoyed, Cyril frowned. He also purposely placed a few more sheets of paper on the top of the stack of documents.

Louis sighed loudly.

Until now, giving trendy accessories and beautiful with suitable flower languages was enough. He also didn't forget to give her messages together with the gifts.

But that was only good since he did it out of obligation.

Will those insincere gifts make Rachel pleased? Will she make that happy face again? Or maybe she will be pleased even if I give her the wildflowers that bloom around that area as long as there's a special reason for it?

But what's special? What can make her smile?

The reason for her sunny face today is Samuel.

That's not good.

It's meaningless unless I'm the reason she smiles. Not someone else. But can I do that?

Recently, Louis couldn't understand himself sometimes. He thought he was only interested in Rachel's change, yet he was at loss just by thinking about what gift he should give to her.

Why do I want to see that smile so much?

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