Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 13 Lao Ye Temple Waters (NPC)

Even Qin Tan frowned, while Lou Fan ignored the woman altogether. They didn't speak so no one bother with the woman. Only Wen Lang moved his lips at Lou Fan because he is facing the other group with his back, saying, "Don't mess with them." A terrible expression appeared on Wen Lang’s face and his tone sounded a little nervous. After that, he turned around and smiled at the other group, "Oh, we are from the Level 1 team. Our task is to find a ship."

There’s no response, just rustling footsteps sounded after that. When the other group walked away, Wen Lang heaved a sigh of relief. As if he had decided, he said to everyone, "Those people are from a mid-level team, belonging to the Black Scorpion organization. Their methods are cruel and very unfriendly to other people. Don’t provoke them, and it is best not to cooperate with them too.”

Unexpectedly, there are things like organization in Lazuli. Lou Fan feels that these people must have too much free time in hand and have nothing to do. Shouldn’t they just focus on completing their tasks well and surviving? Could it be they are tired of living?

Wen Lang added, “Let’s cooperate? The mission this time is not easy.” When Wen Lang saw the Black Scorpion’s team, he felt that his luck must be shitty recently. Not only he couldn’t count on relying on high-level people to complete his mission, but he also bumped into the same person who he tricked and got assigned as temporary team members. This is simply digging his own pit and jumping into it.

Lou Fan shrugged and turned to look at the short-haired woman, Zhang Xue. He greeted, "Hello, my name is Lou Fan, they are my teammates. Oh, that one (Wen Lang) doesn’t count. Would you like to cooperate with us?"

Zhang Xue stayed indifferent from the beginning. Her appearance is beautiful, but there is no emotion in those eyes. Lou Fan could even feel that she is always keeping a distance from everyone. After scanning around, Zhang Xue nodded. Her voice sounded cold and there is a hint of firm tone in it, "Okay, I listen to your instructions."

So decisive!

Lou Fan turned his head to the newcomer, "Let me take a look at your mission. Okay, you can either go with us or stay by yourself. Let me say this first. We don’t guarantee your safety and don’t think of hiding away when encountering problems. Otherwise, you will die faster."

After Lou Fan finished speaking, Qin Tan retracted his gaze from the map and pointed to a spot. He said, "The water area is wide and there is a village over there. Let's go there first. Be careful on the road and don't make too much noise."

The direction that Qin Tan pointed in the same direction as where the Black Scorpion headed. Their group of 8 people put away their things and began to wade through the weeds.


With bubblegum in her mouth, Xiao Qian walked forward steadily on her high heels. As she walked, she complained, "Tsk, this time the other team is only a Level 1 team. Our mission is not the same so we can't find someone as a stepping stone. So unlucky."

A gloomy man with bangs covering his eyes said, "What unlucky? How many frickin times have I told you not to wear high heels?! You won't be able to run fast during an escape like this. No one will save you this time."

Another man who is tall and thin grabbed Xiao Qian, causing her expression to change from the bump but she didn't dare to say anything. "Qian Qian should just follow me. I will definitely take you back safely."

The man's slippery hand caressed Xiao Qian's arm, making her feel as if she got entangled by a snake. Enduring nausea in her heart, she tried to squeeze out a smile, "Then, I have to thank you, Brother Liu."

A petite girl with a ponytail in the team smiled contemptuously at the pair and looked away from the eye-prickling scene. Regardless of the two, the man with long bangs checked their tasks again-

Task: Rescue Sun Hai and his group of 5 people from the small fishing village.
Task time limit: 10 days.

The column stating the team members’ information listed all of the Black Scorpion members in the group, and they are all at Level 7. The man with long bangs looked up at the sky and frowned. Then he said out loud, "Let’s go now, don't waste time."

The village is not too far, but the road is not easy to walk. After 2 hours of wading through the weeds, everyone can finally see the village. The Black Scorpion team that is walking in front stopped to rest and took out their food to eat. Qin Tan also spotted a clean place for everyone to rest which has a clear view of the village.

The newcomer could not help but want to rest earlier, but after experiencing the shock from the 2 deaths at the train station, they didn't dare to say anything. Hence, they could only grit their teeth and follow the group. At this moment, the group finally stopped walking and the newcomers plopped down on the ground. The young man from the newcomer team laid on his back on the ground. The other 2 people are young girls. They sat down while holding onto each other, rubbing their sore feet.

The 5 people in the Level 1 team put down their backpacks and took out some food. Among them, Lou Fan’s group of 3 has the most abundant food. They took out biscuits, bread, and canned food. Wen Lang took out a compressed biscuit and Zhang Xue has a piece of bread. The rest of the newcomers had nothing and they tried to control their eyes, not looking at the 5 people. This 2-hours journey is really exhausting. Even if they try their best to control themselves, the growling of their stomachs is particularly loud in the quiet air.

Chen Shuyang was opening his mouth, preparing to bite onto the bread when he heard the growls. He glanced at the 2 red-faced girls over there and suddenly felt a little embarrassed to eat his food. His eyes then drifted towards Lou Fan unconsciously. Lou Fan ate what was in his hand and sighed secretly. Chen Shuyang's heart is too soft. Although he also thinks those little girls are very pitiful, but if they did this right from the start, how are they going to hold on for the remaining 9 days? The amount of food they brought is just right for them only. However, Chen Shuyang's gaze is too strong so Lou Fan hesitated a bit.

"Brother Lou, is it okay to split my food to them? I don’t eat much, so my portion can give away a bit." Chen Shuyang whispered to Lou Fan.

Qin Tan looked over but did not speak. Chen Shuyang shrank his neck, feeling as if he had done something wrong. Lou Fan wiped the scraps on the corners of his mouth and did not deliberately lower his voice as he said, "Our food is prepared according to the number of days in the mission world, and there is no extra. But I also know that it is not easy for everyone. Let’s do it this way, we can provide just 3 meals for you guys. But after 3 meals, you have to figure out how to survive on your own. You guys just have to board the train after 9 days while we still have a task to complete."

Since Lou Fan wants to do good deeds, he must do it openly. Also, he has to have a bottom line. Lou Fan is not willing to be a secretive Holy Mother. After Lou Fan finished speaking, he glared at Chen Shuyang. Chen Shuyang probably also felt that he is not very thoughtful, so he buried his head in his arms; no one knows what he is thinking.

One can see at a glance that the 3 newcomers are someone from good family conditions. Being told like that by Lou Fan, they felt a little uncomfortable. But when they think that they have nothing in their possession and that they must eat to gain strength, they can only silently accept the food that Lou Fan pass over with a thank you.

Lou Fan is good-looking, and his attitude is not bad after saying heavy words, so the 3 newcomers still have a good feeling towards him. At least they can see that Lou Fan is a reasonable person. On the other hand, Wen Lang and Zhang Xue, who ate alone and did not speak to them, acted like they have nothing to do with them, the attitude made the 3 newcomers feel very unfavorable to them.

Lou Fan didn't say anything else. This is the law of survival in this world. Other people are not obligated to help you. They struggled even to support their own, who has more time to take care of them?

Qin Tan silently opened his backpack and pulled things out, "What do you want to eat? Do you want this? Or this?"

Lou Fan: "..." En, he found a good teammate at least, who is always thinking of him.

Lou Fan squinted and smiled, "Either one is fine, I'm not a picky eater." How can you be so caring and handsome at the same time?!

Chen Shuyang also opened his backpack. Taking out the food in the bag, he stuffed it into Lou Fan’s bag. Seeing that his bag almost couldn't fit in, Lou Fan hurriedly stopped his team members, "Enough is enough. Are you guys trying to exhaust me by carrying all these for you?"

Those 3 people ignored the envy gaze from the other 5 people. Wen Lang looked at their bulging bags, then at his own. Next, he glanced at Zhang Xue's bag and has the urge to shake hands with her. It's like meeting paying players in a game, they only felt envy, jealousy, and hatred for them.

The sky is getting darker, and the Black Scorpion team sets out to the village after eating. Lou Fan didn't know what is the other team's mission and didn't want to get together with them, so they stayed where they were. Qin Tan took out the map and after reconfirming their location, he said to everyone, "I suggest camping here tonight and not entering the village. Pay heed to Wen Lang's advice. Do not provoke the Black Scorpion’s team, and don’t try to contact them."

Wen Lang is the first one to nod, and then Zhang Xue nodded in agreement. Lou Fan and Chen Shuyang naturally listened to Qin Tan.

From afar, it can be seen that many people are walking around in the village and the Black Scorpion team entered smoothly. The person who walked at the end of the team seemed to look back at them for a moment. Seeing that the Black Scorpion team has disappeared into the village, Wen Lang finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"You seem to be afraid of them."

Wen Lang is startled by the voice that suddenly sounded next to him. His earrings glowing with faint blue light are particularly eye-catching. Looking back at Lou Fan, his tense nerves immediately relaxed, "It's you! I am not afraid of them, I just don't want to deal with them."

How stubborn!

Lou Fan did not point out the truth but said, "Since you are so well-informed in gossips, as a price for cheating us previously, you can tell us more about the basic common sense of Lazuli Town and the Black Scorpion organization for free."

"Why must I..." Wen Lang is about to refute when a dagger that looked sharp is placed on the edge of his neck. If he moved even the slightest to the side, the sharp blade would cut his aorta.

Lou Fan’s beautiful peach blossom eyes are full of smiles as if he is holding a flower instead of a dagger. “Be careful, my hand is not very stable. I got tricked away a radish flower that can be exchanged for a lot of food so I'm a bit unhappy. I'm not a kind person."

Wen Lang: "..." You can donate generously to the newcomers, so why are you being cruel to me?

Wen Lang looked at Qin Tan who is preparing to start a fire. The man in black looked powerful as if the powerful muscles inside can be seen through his clothes.

"Of course I am willing to share my gossip with you." Wen Lang laughed instantly, changing his expression faster than the sky changing its weather. "Come on, come on, I will teach you some knowledge. Those 3 kids over there, don't you want to introduce yourself first?"

The only male among the newcomers spoke first, "My name is Gong Yi. I just graduated from university and I am looking for a job."

As for the other 2 girls, the one with straight black hair said, "My name is Lin Man Man and her name is Xiao Yu. We are university classmates and currently an intern in the same company."

They are all so young, this is Lou Fan's first thought. Qin Tan might be the oldest person here but he is only 26 years old; a strong, young, and energetic young man. Is this the target group for Lazuli's selection? But why?

After the 3 newcomers introduced themselves, Wen Lang took over. "There is an unwritten rule in Lazuli. Every 5 levels are grouped into a category. At present, it is divided into beginner, intermediate, and high-level teams. As far as I know, no one has ever seen someone who survived Level 16 in Lazuli."

The girl named Xiao Yu screamed out, and she could no longer suppress the fear in her heart, "I want to leave here! What is this place? Why did I get chosen?! Why?! I want to go home, wu wu wu..."

"Shut up."

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