Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 13 - Going to the hospital [OW]

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Su Ling raised his eyebrows in surprise and sat down opposite Gu Liheng. He poked his cheek with his index finger and slightly tilted his head to a side, asking, "Do I not look alright to you?"

Su Ling was good-looking, so this action looked very cute. Gu Liheng paused for a few seconds and shifted his eyes away, "Zhao Qing contacted me because his brother gave you some troubles, and apologized to me for the trouble."

Su Ling blinked and asked, "Why does he apologize to you?" Then thinking of Zhao Qing's attitude, the corners of Su Ling mouth curled up; Zhao Qing probably misunderstood his relationship with Gu Liheng.

Gu Liheng didn't know what Zhao Qing was thinking, and analyzed the reason reasonably, "I told him not to trouble you anymore. Although it was not his fault this time, it has a lot to do with him." Then, he looked at Su Ling and asked, "What's actually happened?"

Su Ling roughly recounted the incident to Gu Liheng because he didn't want Gu Liheng to feel that there are a lot of troubles around him. He laughed and brushed it off with a sentence, "High school students making mischief, don’t bother with it."

Gu Liheng frowned slightly, "It's too inappropriate," he paused and continued, "Why must Zhao Qing smell your pheromone?"

Su Ling recalled Zhao Qi's words and helplessly shrugged, "Probably because Zhao Qing heeded your warning and warned Zhao Qi to not seek troubles with me. Hence, Zhao Qi misunderstood Zhao Qing, thinking that his brother took a fancy to me. That’s why he wants to make Zhao Qing sober by smelling my pheromone so not to be fooled by my looks."

Gu Liheng's gaze fell on Su Ling’s face when he heard that. The young man’s skin was very pale. His permed bangs slightly covered his eyebrow, giving him a bright and obedient aura. His narrow and long phoenix's eyes were slightly curled up, and his eyes were clear. Compared with many good-looking people he has seen, Su Ling is no less inferior.

Su Ling noticed his gaze and his eyes curled up, "How does President Gu think I look?"

Gu Liheng looked away slightly and answered, "Very good."

Su Ling's eyes curved even more with the joy, and his eyes shone brighter, "Then, will you dislike me because of the smell of my pheromone?"

Gu Liheng met Su Ling’s eyes and said, "No, it is not good to judge people by their pheromone." He paused for a moment before adding, "The abnormality of your pheromone is likely to be curable. I know an expert in the pheromone field. Do you need me to introduce that person to you?"

Su Ling laughed and asked, "Are you talking about the same person Darry mentioned? He said he will help me make an appointment."

Gu Liheng nodded, "Alright, Darry is more familiar in this."

Darry told Su Ling about the appointment the next day, it will be 8:30am on the coming Saturday.

On Saturday morning, Su Ling and Darry went to the spiritual plant room. Su Ling rubbed the leaves of the 3 spiritual plants and greeted them, then Darry began to harvest the raw materials. After the harvest, Su Ling found that the 3 spiritual plants were more active than usual, and their branches were waving towards the window.

Darry handed Su Ling the bottle containing the nectar and stem, then explained, "They want to go out. Although they have a complete light system in the room, they still prefer natural light." Recalling some information from his mind, Darry said, "They have stayed indoors for 10 days but have been frozen for 16 years before this. It's time for them to go out and get some sunlight."

Su Ling looked out the window and agreed, "The sun is good today, I will move them out."

With butler robot Domi’s help, the 3 spiritual plants were quickly transferred to the front yard garden. There are many types of flowers in the garden, many are ordinary plants, but there are also a few low-grade spiritual plants. After the 3 spiritual plants arrived, the low-grade spiritual plants bloomed more brilliantly, and their foliage shook with the breeze. The fragrance dispersed in the air becomes stronger and stronger.

Su Ling looked at the 3 waving plants and smiled, "They are pleased."

Darry nodded, the joyful feeling was conveyed to him through his pheromone, "Yes." He glanced at the time and reminded, "Let’s go, we need to go to the hospital."

As Su Ling turned to walk out, one of the Golden Baby's breath curly vines straightened and gently curled around his wrist. Stopping, Su Ling walked back to touch its flower and comforted, "I will come to see you again once I’m back from the hospital. I have an off day today, so I can stay with you for a long time." His words seemed to work, and the vine slowly let him go.

Twenty minutes later, the two arrived at the Central Hospital. Su Ling discovered that this hospital was the one he was previously hospitalized in. Darry handed him a white card, explaining, "This is an appointment card. You can find Doctor Ni An on the 3rd floor, in the pheromone department. I have to go to the 2nd floor to deliver the Redthorn Ball liquid. Please contact me when you are done with your appointment."

Su Ling nodded, he knew about the fact that Darry would head directly to the hospital after harvesting the Redthorn Ball liquid every day. He remembered the time when he met Gu Liheng for the first time, Gu Liheng should be just leaving after a hospital visit. Su Ling tried to recall the content of the novel. Gu Liheng was not mentioned much in the novel, there were even lesser regarding his relatives and friends. He decided to ask Darry about the relationship between the patient and Gu Liheng later when they leave.

Entering the pheromone department on the 3rd floor, Su Ling was able to find Doctor Ni An smoothly with the appointment card. Doctor Ni An has white curly hair and small wrinkles on his face. With the average life span around 300 years old on the planet, and also gene modification technology for beautification is very advance, it only shows that Doctor Ni An is quite old.

A hint of expectation appeared in Su Ling's heart. Older people are more knowledgeable and might have seen patients with a similar situation before.

"Child, are you Su Ling?" Doctor Ni An asked gently.

Su Ling nodded, "Yes, Doctor Ni An."

Doctor Ni An walked over to the detector on the right and waved at him, "Come here. Remove your isolator and do a bodycheck first."

Su Ling followed the doctor's instructions, removed his isolator, and stood on the footprint indicator of the detector. An unpleasant odor emanated from the gland at the back of his neck, which a series of codes and data began to appear on the electronic screen of the detector. Su Ling stared at it for a while, but he couldn’t understand it at all. 5 minutes later, Doctor Ni An entered a row of data, and the data was connected to form a line. Su Ling’s result was processed in the same way, and the two lines almost overlapped. Ni An pressed the close button, his eyes fell on Su Ling’s face, and he softly sighed, "It’s really you."

Su Ling looked at the lines on the screen, puzzled, "Doctor Ni An knows me?"

Ni An nodded and said nothing more, only asked him to reattach his isolator, and continued to do 2 more tests. When the inspection is completed, Ni An asked him to sit on the stool. After reading the result for a while, Doctor Ni An raised his head to look at Su Ling and said, "Sorry, boy. I still can't help you."

Su Ling shook his head, "It's okay," he paused before asking, "Why do you say "still"?"

Ni An's head lifted slightly, with memories in his eyes, "16 years ago, Ms. Qin visited me. At that time, her physical condition was terrible but she still insisted on studying your situation with me." He emotionally continued, "She is an amazing spiritual plant specialist. If she didn’t look for me, I would not even know that Planet Belle has such a powerful spiritual plant specialist. We studied the case for a long time, and finally found clues from the 3 spiritual plants owned by Ms. Qin."

"We found a few unknown, nearly transparent spherical particles in their petals. The smell of this kind of particle is exactly the same as the smell of your pheromone. Later we tested and experimented with the particles in various tests. After many analyses and speculations, we deduced that your abnormality is probably because Ms. Qin accidentally consumed this kind of particles during pregnancy."

Su Ling thought of the video of Mother Qin's birthday greetings and felt a little upset.

"Ms. Qin was very self-blaming. We have been working hard to investigate what this substance is but only found a similar description in the spiritual plant anecdote, which is probably the pollen of the legendary Grade S spiritual plant Xian Mo Yu[1]."

"Xian Mo Yu is very powerful and will actively absorb all nutritious substances around it. We have always believed that the spiritual plants in her hand were attacked by Xian Mo Yu, which caused the perp to leave behind its pollen. It's a pity that Xian Mo Yu only appeared in the legend. We investigated for a long time, but still no news. We only found some information that Xian Mo Yu often actively attacked advanced spiritual plants."

Ni An sighed, "Ms. Qin originally wanted to use her 3 Grade A spiritual plants to attract Xian Mo Yu, but her body couldn't hold on, so this plan could not be implemented. Later on, no one knows where those 3 spiritual plants went."

Su Ling: "They were frozen by... my mother to store in an insurance company."

Ni An thought of the recent news, suddenly came to a realization, "This is indeed more secured. Spiritual plant flourishes for only 20 years, so if she didn't do this, there would be too little time for you to use them to implement your mother's plan when you grow up."

Su Ling: "My mother only said that my abnormality is related to the 3 spiritual plants, but she didn't mention her plan."

Ni An was not surprised, "This is normal because it was just one of our inferences. The existence of Xian Mo Yu is not certain. We could only determine that your abnormality is related to 3 spiritual plants."

Ni An looked at him: "In these years, other than having an abnormal smell of pheromones, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Su Ling shook his head.

Ni An pondered, "I have done a lot of research afterward. The energy contained in the spherical particles is potent and can absorb all kinds of spiritual plant nutrients. I took a look at your body test results. The energy in your body is concentrated near your glands. According to the research results, the energy of the spherical particle will not only make your pheromone smelly but also have a very positive impact on you."

Su Ling was stunned. His affinity with spiritual plants was not inherited? Then he nodded, "My affinity with spiritual plants is quite strong." He thought about it and realized not only the affinity but also his sense of smell is very strong, though Su Ling does not know whether it has anything to do with the particle or not.

A smile appeared on Ni An's face, "If your mother knows about this, she might blame herself less." Then he looked at Su Ling, "Spiritual plant specialist has to deal with hundreds of spiritual plants every day. When making products, especially beverages, they often need to try it first by themselves. The particles are small and transparent, and when mixed amid Grade A spiritual plant pollens, the bad smell is very light, so please don’t blame her for accidentally consuming it."

Su Ling nodded, "I don't blame her."

Ni An smiled, "Ms. Qin didn't tell me your name until her death. She originally hoped that you could be cured so that no one would know about your infantile abnormal pheromone, so as not to be laughed at. She also didn't tell me about the whereabouts of the spiritual plants, because she doesn't want anyone to know who the next owner of the spiritual plant is, so as not to put you in danger." He added with emotions, "You are a good boy, and her hard work was not in vain."

Su Ling felt a bit upset, Mother Qin loves her child very much.

Ni An: "You are in good health, but I'm sorry that I can't help with the abnormality in your pheromone. I will transfer related information and our previous findings back to you, I hope those can help you."

Su Ling quickly gave his thanks.

Ni An: "Remember to inform me if something happened. I have been in the medical field for more than 200 years, and you are the only unsolved patient. If you managed to find the root cause, you might be able to make an antidote for yourself."

Su Ling thanked Ni An again.

After leaving the pheromone department, Su Ling met with Darry on the first floor. He was thinking about Doctor Ni An's words, so he was quiet all the way back. Darry looked like he has something to say several times, but he didn't speak in the end. Darry thought the result was not optimistic; this kind of thing, no matter how one tries to comfort, it is useless. Darry sent Su Ling back to the villa and left, leaving only a piece of warm advice to have a good rest.

Su Ling head directly to the garden, and the fragrance he could smell in the garden was refreshing. Feeling refreshed, he asked Domi to get him deck chair, then he sat beside the garden to read the information Ni An sent to him.

After Gu Liheng finished his meeting, he came to the garden and saw this scene.

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[1] 仙魔芋/xiān mó yù - This name was an imaginary name created by the author so it doesn’t exist in the real world. Banana cannot use the name in English because directly translated, XMY will become Immortal Demonic Taro (like the name of an ingredient from some random xianxia novel :v), which I can tell you, XMY is not a taro at all XD


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