For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 13 - Apparently, The Goddess Can't Resist Helping a Hopeless Man (リア神はダメ人間を放ってはおけないらしい)

"Thank you for the meal."

"Oh, it's nothing special."

Wakamiya put away the container and wiped the desk with the cloth she always brought with her.

...In the end, I ate everything. Probably happy with that, Wakamiya was in a good mood.

After Wakamiya finished cleaning up, she sat straight in front of me across the desk. Her posture was elegant as usual.

"Now then, let's start our study."

"You really waste no time..."

"Yes. It will be less efficient if we are too idle. Anyway, let's review what you learned yesterday. You have to master it thoroughly."

"And when I'm done with that?"

"Then you'll have to commit them to your memory to build your foundation."

"Okay... I will follow Wakamiya-sensei’s words. That also sounds like a good plan."


Wakamiya stared at me with a blank look. Did I say anything weird?

"Hm? What happened?"

"Err, this may be rude, but... I didn't expect you to obediently listen to me. Honestly, I'm surprised."

"You're really rude, aren't you? Just what do you think I am..."

"Someone who never listens to me."

"I guess I can't say that you're completely wrong with that."

Did she think that I was a rude person? Certainly, I was a perverse guy who didn't listen to what other people say. I wasn't being very honest with her too...

Ahh, so that's why she was surprised. It made me sad to say it myself.

"Hey, Wakamiya. What are you going to do while I'm studying? Are we studying together?"

"No. I'm thinking of preparing for lunch while Tokiwagi-san is studying... But I won't be able to use this pan unless I wash it first."

Wakamiya said as she looked at the frying pan, which was quite dirty. She grimaced.

That frying pan was getting worn out. Probably, I would see it burning the food even without pouring the oil into the pan.

It was so dusty that I couldn't even remember when I last used it.

"Sorry... I haven't cooked anything since I started living here. The frying pan kind of becomes a fossil now."

"Tokiwagi-san's apartment is full of fossils. Unfortunately, I'm not happy to find any of it."

"Don't praise me. You're making me shy."

"I'm not praising you." Wakamiya puffed her cheeks a bit. She looked dissatisfied. Even that small gesture drew my attention.

"I'm grateful with everything you did to me, but Wakamiya-san... you have your own private life, and you need time for yourself, right? You can just leave me alone, you know?"

"I can't do that now that I've known your situation. This is what I want to do right now. And if Tokiwagi-san continues living like this, you will become a hopeless man..."

"This might sound strange coming from me, but I'm already a hopeless man. I have no ability for living. To be honest, I don't think I can get it back too. I have been living like this until now, so..."

"That's fine. Leave it to me, I'll make you a decent human."

Wakamiya clenched her fists, her face full of determination. Just what was behind her stirred up driving power?

Maybe it was something like, 'I can't just leave a puppy that was thrown away in the midst of the rain! It would die!'

"Then I'll start preparing. I have to clean this up first, though."

"Looks like I have a lot of appliances that can't be used anymore. But then, I don't even know which one still can be used."

"Please don't worry. I have brought what I think is necessary."

"Ahh. So that's why you took that travel bag. You're really prepared."

"I bring frying pan, seasonings, and several ingredients with me too."

"That's amazing... But hey, you're seriously going to prepare my lunch?"

"That's my plan, but... you don't need it? If you don't want me to do this, then I'll stop."

"It's not like I don't want it. Rather, I really want you to."

"Fufufu. Then I'll prepare it. But I'm not confident in my cooking, so please don't expect too much from me."

"No, I'm sure you will do well."

"Thank you very much. Then I will do my best using all of my skills. Tokiwagi-san, please study hard."

"Got it."

"Also, I'm going to meal prep for you today, so please eat properly."

"Are you my Mom!?"

"I will fold the laundry too, so please don't mess them up."

"Why are you going that far!?"

"This is just me being nosy."

"I feel like you're using that excuse just because it's convenient, though?"

"You're imagining it," Wakamiya answered with her usual composed expression. Even so, her fine-featured face was slightly red.

After this, I would continue to study until night. Wakamiya woke me up when I was getting sleepy and knocked on the door when I tried to relax in the toilet... She was really thorough.

However, it goes without saying that the food she cooked was delicious. The taste permeated in my tired body.

She said that she wasn't confident about cooking... But that was a lie, right!!

Once again, I witnessed Wakamiya's perfection with my own eyes.

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