Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 13 - Family Bond

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Not long after Ling Wangshi left, Ling Chenglong arrived. He was said to be a son from a family of farmers and peasants, when in reality he was just a farmer that had read a little. Ling Chenglong was the second oldest in the family. Ahead of him was the oldest brother and beneath him was the youngest brother. This second son seemed to be in a dilemma. Add on the fact that his children, one after another, were not able to become respectable, the Ling family’s two elders didn’t like him. Almost all the farmwork was thrown onto him. He was only a man in his 30s, but looked like a man who was 40’s, 50’s. His back also seemed to have a bit of a hunch.

“Dad, I have to trouble you.  After selling the fish, could you also help me check if they sell fish nets? I discovered a place with a lot of fish, but the water is too deep. I need a fish net in order to catch more fish.”

Looking at the dark and skinny man in front of him, Ling Jingxuan smiled and asked for a favor. In the man’s eyes, he saw excitement and distress. Till now, his parents seemed like sincere people. They were trying their hardest for this ‘disgraced’ son. They cherished him from the bottom of their heart. Ling Jingxuan could finally stop being anxious. Filial piety was the most important to the ancient people. He had hoped to not meet some outrageous parents.

What Ling Jingxuan originally thought was, it didn’t matter if the parents were outrageous or not. As long as they were good to him, he would recognize them. If not, he would treat them as strangers. He didn’t really have any reputation, but he had to consider his two sons. When they had money, he would send them to a private school to study. If they let people know that they had an unfilial dad, they would definitely be unable to keep their heads up. Now that he knew his parents weren’t bad, he could be at ease.

“Ai, Jingxuan you…”

Ling Chenglong excitedly nodded his head. A 7 feet tall man was so moved, he had warm tears in his eyes. Seeing this, Ling Jingxuan had no choice but to repeat, “Dad, in the past, it was tiring for you and mother. I’ve finally gotten over it. We don’t need to talk about it. Xiao Wen and Xiao Wu are so adorable. What was wrong with me? I don’t need to care about others cussing at me or being kicked from the family. I don’t care about it anymore. Currently I only want to put in great effort to make money and properly raise the two kids and let them have good days.”

“It’s for this reason that you’ve finally come around. Jingxuan, that's so great.”

It’s been five years and his son finally left his dazed mind set. Ling Chenglong quietly wiped away his tears.

“Dad, you can relax ba. I won’t be unable to see clearly anymore.”

A conversation between two men did not require consoling. Clear and simple was good. He believed that his dad would understand.

“Good child… then Dad will go help you sell fish first. Later, I’ll come with Jingpeng to bring Jinghan over.”

He couldn’t help but cry bitterly in front of his son’s face. Ling Chenglong stooped down to carry the bucket and left. Ling Jingxuan hurried to chase after him. “Dad, be careful. It doesn’t matter if you go slowly, it's still early ne.”

“Ai, I’m saving time.”

Ling Chenglong did not turn his head around and waved him off. Ling Jingxuan did not see it, but the face of the docile male farmer was full of tears. However, he also had an excited smile. His outstanding son had come back. Was there something that could make anyone happier?”

“Dad, Dad, hurry and come here. Youngest Uncle brought Second Uncle over, Dad…”

Ling Jingxuan had just turned around wanting to take a stroll in the backyard when the Little Bun’s excited voice came from behind. Turning around, he saw a dark and tall youth pushing a shabby handcart over. On the handcart was spread a tattered piece of cloth. A pale thin and weak youth sat on top. He looked like he would get blown away by a gust of wind. Little Bun ran to the front of the handcart with Big Bun following. From time to time he would clutch onto the thin blanket on his legs. Ling Jingxuan frowned. Then, with big strides, he went forward to  welcome them.

“Second Brother, Youngest Brother, how come you didn't wait for Dad to come back to pick you up. Hurry, don’t catch a cold.”

Perhaps this was the bond of blood, but with a quick glance Ling Jingxuan identified them. Inside his mouth were words of worry. His hand also automatically received the handles of the handcart and helped the sweating Ling Jingpeng push the cart to the entrance.

“Cough cough… no... there's no problem Big Brother. I… cough cough”

Ling Jingpeng was obviously a bit shy. The person who spoke was the sitting Ling Jinghan. Only, just merely a few simple words was accompanied by violent coughs. The already pale like paper face became even more unsightly. Seeing the person unable to speak, Ling Jingxuan was thinking about carrying him into the room when Ling Jingpeng already rushed forward and squatted down.

Upon seeing this, Ling Jignxuan could only help from the side. He helped him crawl onto Ling Jingpeng’s back, not forgetting to pat his back with a soft voice and said, “Second brother don’t speak for now. Come inside and drink some water ba.”

Even if it was in the modern era, a family supporting a sickly person was still exhausting, let alone the ancient times. Ling Jingxuan became more distressed and his conviction to earn money became even more resolute.

“Dad, When I grow up I will definitely earn money and look for the best doctor under the heavens to treat Second Uncle.”

Standing by his side, Big Bun gazed towards the backs of his two uncles. Hanging down by his sides were tightly clenched fists, cherry red lips pursed tightly into a line.

“I also want to. Daddy, I also want to treat Second Uncle’s illness.”

On the other side the Little Bun did not want to be left out. His red face loudly shouted as if the other people couldn't hear him. Ling Jingxuan couldn't help but break out into laughter. Wasn’t the best doctor in front of them?

“En, we will work hard. Let’s go and accompany your Second and Youngest Uncle.”

But, there were some stuff that could not be said. Ling Jingxuan patted his head and took the lead to go inside. No one saw his slender phoenix eyes emit a spark. It didn’t matter what kind of illness Ling Jinghan had, he would find a way to cure him and restore his youthful healthy body.


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