Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 13

Ah Jin was a little excited when she returned to space.

It was another death, after all.

San Qi no longer wanted to mind this psychopath.

He was paying attention to the energy of the space settlement.

The distribution and settlement of all energy were resolved by this space, and it had no right to interfere.

It could only help Ah Jin find and complete tasks.

The client gave 200 energy values, Ah Jin got 140, and the remaining 60 was his.

He took out his calculator and started to give her the total.

"10 energy for special effects, 10 energy for repairing wounds, 10 energy for sending out articles. I'll give you a discount. That's 25 energy. Pay the bill, boss."

Ah Jin threw him 5 energy, "Aye, take it or leave it."

She stuffed the rest into her mouth.

San Qi angrily swooped down, "Bullying is too much. I'll fight you!"

She grabbed him by the neck.

"One, you're not human. Two, you helped me with your own free will. I didn't force you. Three, the contractual relationship is now dominated by me and supplemented by you. Four, if you don't want it, give me back my energy. No matter how small a mosquito is, it's still meat."

San Qi struggled desperately but couldn't break free.

Ah Jin was right.

Their relationship was dominated by her because the moment the split was set, the relationship was doomed.

There had been taskmasters who he had taken a large share before.

He didn't say anything.

Those taskmasters were unaware of it.

Before they knew it, they'd spent way too much energy that the system was fed to the brim.

Long ago, the taskmasters were no match.

However, how Ah Jin knew, San Qi didn't understand.

Ah Jin saw its confusion and kindly explained it.

"Simple, if you find out at first that I'm as dumb as everyone else, it's gonna be a two-eight for you, two for me. No matter what I do in the future, you'd always take the majority of the profits. But then you found out I'm not easy to deal with. So you proposed a 50/50 split, trying to be my equal. You could easily hold me down when I spend at the mall, too. When I took the lion's share, you fought back hard. But I just took a step back, and you compromised."

"That means you don't really care. You have a backup. When I told you that there was a commission on the mall, your reaction confirmed it. Then the contract was established, and the rules of the space fell on me first before they fell on you."

San Qi yelled, "Impossible, that can only happen for a split second. How could you possibly notice? Don't bluff me. I don't believe that."

Ah Jin laughed, "I did cheat you. You see, you're revealing yourself."

San Qi choked and covered his mouth with his wings, refraining from speaking.

Ah Jin threw it back into the air. "Right, I think only owners give their pets names. You're not without a name. You just don't have naming rights, do you?"

San Qi hadn't yet stopped in the air and almost slipped off upon hearing that.

It turned out she was right.

Their factory number was not allowed to be revealed.

If you could get a head start, the name, of course, was its own to decide.

Otherwise, it would lose its naming rights.

This woman was more difficult to deal with than expected.

San Qi decided to talk less in the future.

More he talked, more mistakes, lest she would try out something more.

Ah Jin wasn't in a hurry to see him looking defensive.

The days would be long, so it would be fun to take it slow.

---Splitting Line…

Yu Jin opened her eyes to find that she was asleep in the taxi.

Recalling that she was routinely going to the psychiatrist before, probably too tired lately, and her mind was muddled.

Mrs. Yu had already prepared a table when she got home.

Yu Jin was a bit apprehensive, was there something wrong?

After the meal, Yu Meiling spoke out.

"A'Jin, I'm relieved that you're in college now. There's a colleague at work who's always been quite nice to mom, and I think he's nice too. Do you think it's okay?"

Yu Jin looked at her mother's careful appearance.

What was there that she did not understand?

She was touched and distressed.

"Mom, you should have found a partner a long time ago. After all, you've suffered for me. You deserve to enjoy your blessings."

"Silly child, mom is thinking of you. That's nothing to be bitter about. Then mom will find a day for him to come home for a meal."

The mother and daughter were both crying and laughing.

"Next week is the last psychotherapy session, don't forget to go." Mrs. Yu instructed.

"Got it. I'll be there."

The Doctor couldn't believe it when he saw Yu Jin's psychological answers again.

He felt that Yu Jin was teasing him again, and the test results showed that Yu Jin was healthy.

It was a far cry from last week.

The Doctor wasn't convinced and tested several more times, but the results remained the same.

If the same face hadn't been there, the Doctor would think another person was in front of him.

"Doctor, am I well? Is it not necessary to come back?" Yu Jin looked at him expectantly.

The Doctor didn't know whether to cry or laugh, "Well, today is the last day. You don't have to come here anymore. Congratulations on your recovery."

Yu Jin was so happy that she jumped all the way home.

End of the story.

Wait, the class monitor pulled back the curtain.

In the whole show, I was the only one with no name. Unfair!

The author was tired and didn't want to think about it.

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