Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 13.3 - From Now On, I Will Be Your Mommy (3)

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After dinner, Qin Ge drove Wu Tong home. Wu Tong sat in the back with Feifei. It was quite peaceful on the ride over. Qin Ge didn’t try to provoke Wu Tong; Feifei quietly played with his jigsaw puzzles, and Wu Tong drew in her sketchbook.

The Jeep quickly pulled up to their destination. Wu Tong tore the page she had been drawing on from her sketchbook and handed it to Feifei, smiling as she said, “Our meeting today was very last minute, so mommy didn’t have a chance to prepare any gifts for you, but here, take this.”

Qin Ge turned back upon hearing this. He reached his long arms over and snatched the sketch from her hand. On it was a chibi drawing of Feifei with a dining table next to him. His large eyes looked delighted and his facial expression was very animated.

“Is this… from when we ate dinner?” Qin Ge asked, somewhat uncertain.

“Yep.” Wu Tong nodded, then waved goodbye to Feifei before opening the car door and getting off.

“Wu Tong.” Qin Ge suddenly got off as well. Upon hearing his voice, she looked back and saw Qin Ge walking toward her.

As Qin Ge drew near, he abruptly said, “Feifei really likes you.”

“I also really like him.” Wu Tong liked kids. Plus, Feifei was a very well-behaved and quiet child.

“From now on, it’ll be the three of us.”

Wu Tong wasn’t sure what Qin Ge meant by this and she was unwilling to read too much into it. She nodded in response simply because she had nothing against Feifei.

Upon seeing Wu Tong’s reaction, the corner of his mouth suddenly curved upward. He smiled happily.

This wasn’t the first time that Wu Tong saw Qin Ge smile, but it was the first time she saw him smile so… purely.

“Are we bringing Feifei along for our honeymoon trip?” Wu Tong suddenly asked.

Qin Ge furrowed his brows and the mirth in his eyes suddenly took on a flirtatious glint. He reached over and stroked Wu Tong’s delicate and smooth cheeks and slowly said, “Even though I’m happy that you two really hit it off, it’ll be inconvenient for us to bring Feifei along.”

“Feifei is very well-behaved…”

Qin Ge suddenly cut her off. “Are you avoiding me?” He leaned in, pressing his forehead against hers.

“S-stop getting so close to me,” Wu Tong said, trying hard to resist.

“The honeymoon trip is the final deadline[1] that I gave you. If you’re still not prepared, I can help you,” Qin Ge quietly said.

[1] TL Note: In case my dear readers have forgotten. In Chapter 7 and Chapter 10, Wu Tong asked Qin Ge to give her some space and more time to adjust.

“I’m not avoiding you,” Wu Tong said defensively.

“Good.” Qin Ge seemed very satisfied with Wu Tong’s response and kissed her. His tongue furtively licked her lips, urging Wu Tong to give in to him.

Wu Tong submitted to Qin Ge and welcomed his overbearing and rough kiss. Qin Ge was too aggressive, so Wu Tong was unable to stand firmly. Her body bent backward —  ready to topple over at any moment. She reflexively grabbed onto Qin Ge’s shoulder, which seemed to stimulate him. He grasped her waist more firmly, deepening the kiss.

When they pulled away, a few streaks of silver light coming from the streetlamp cast an ambiguous light over them. Wu Tong saw the madness and danger that lurked in Qin Ge’s eyes, while Qin Ge saw a blank and fragile look reflected in her eyes.

Qin Ge didn’t like this look in her eyes, so he let go of her, saying, “You can go now. I’ll come pick you up the day after tomorrow.”

“Ok.” Wu Tong backed up a few steps.

Qin Ge furrowed his brows but didn’t say a word. If he had been able to understand women, then his family wouldn’t have had to set up a marriage of convenience for him. Qin Ge turned around and walked back to his Jeep. When he was about to get in his car, Wu Tong suddenly called out to him.

“Qin Ge.”

Surprised, Qin Ge looked back.

“Back then, why did you make me your marriage of convenience spouse instead?” asked Wu Tong.

“...” Qin Ge thought back for a moment before saying, “It’s because…”

Wu Tong didn’t wait for Qin Ge to finish before continuing: “By making me your spouse… does that mean you like me even a tiny bit?”

“Of course I like you. I thought I made that pretty clear.” Qin Ge laughed and touched his lips flirtatiously.

“Ok.” Wu Tong’s gaze suddenly hardened with resolve. “Starting today, I will… gradually start falling for you.”

When Qin Ge drove away, he was somewhat at a loss. He kept replaying Wu Tong’s words in his head over and over again. After pondering for a long time, he still didn’t understand what she meant, so he consulted Feifei again.

“Feifei, tell me, why did your mommy say she’s going to start falling for me? It’s already enough for her to like money.

“Qin Huai is very capable, so the Qin family will always be rich[2], but your daddy has a mental illness.”

[2] TL Note: Qin Ge literally says that his family will always have money (aka will always be rich). I'm pretty sure he's trying to say that he doesn't have any redeeming qualities for Wu Tong to fall in love with, which is why he thinks she should only focus on his (family's) money.

It's sad how Qin Ge seems to only "think" and "feel" with the lower part of his body. I think hope his current mindset changes and he learns to love Wu Tong the same way she is trying to fall in love with him. ; ^ ;

I will likely post the next chapter beginning of next month. :) (Or surprise y'all again with something end of this month lol The next chapter is SUPPPPEEERRRR long so I might have to break it up into 4 or 5 parts ; v ;)

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