Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 13.2 - From Now On, I Will Be Your Mommy (2)

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Not long after the three of them sat down, a waiter brought over a menu. Wu Tong hadn’t even flipped through the menu before asking, “Is there anything suitable for children on this menu?”

Qin Ge inadvertently glanced at Wu Tong.

“Yes, we have seafood congee and steamed egg custard,” replied the waiter.

A very simple version of "Steamed Egg Custard." This dish is likely savory/slightly salty and the egg is super silky, like smooth tofu.
Seafeed congee can have any kind of seafood. Congee is a watery white rice dish that is a little similar to porridge. The consistency (super watery or thick) will be different depending on how much water you put into the dish. 

“Which one do you want?” Wu Tong asked Feifei who was sitting across from her. Just like before, she didn’t receive a response from him. Qin Ge seemed unwilling to help, so Wu Tong hesitated a moment before asking, “Can I get them both along with a pudding for dessert?”

“Coming right up.”

Soon after, Wu Tong and Qin Ge ordered a few more simple dishes. After the waiter left, a hush fell over the dining table. Wu Tong wanted to ask about Feifei but was afraid of being invasive, so in the end, she could only lower her head and sip water.

Qin Ge suddenly mentioned, “The bed has been assembled.”

“Oh…” Wu Tong made an “oh” sound to express that she understood.

“When do you plan to go shopping for everything else?” Qin Ge asked.

“How about next week? I’m busy this week with drafting designs,” Wu Tong explained.

So she’s been busy with work. It looks like it wasn’t because she disliked the credit card I gave her. Qin Ge inwardly nodded to himself.

“I’ll come pick you up the day after tomorrow for the family dinner,” Qin Ge said.

The dinner on Sunday was basically the same as paying her in-laws a visit. Wu Tong was stunned and asked, “Do I need to prepare[1] anything?”

[1] TL Note: Wu Tong implies whether she needs to bring any gifts. In Chinese culture, it's customary to bring gifts when you visit someone's home, especially when visiting your in-laws.

“All you need to do is prepare yourself to become a part of the Qin family.” Qin Ge smirked. “No need to bring any gifts. What could my family possibly lack?”

“Got it.” For some reason, Wu Tong felt somewhat dispirited.

Right at that moment, the waiter came back and served the dishes. The three of them began to eat. Feifei grasped the bowl of steamed egg custard and stuffed small bites of it in his mouth one after the other. Qin Ge devoured the roast goose and red braised pork. He didn’t even touch the veggies. Wu Tong’s appetite was smaller than his, so she felt full after only eating a few bites. She looked up and saw food all over Feifei’s mouth, so she took a napkin and wiped it off his face.

“Are you done eating? Do you want to drink more congee?” Wu Tong asked softly.

Right when Wu Tong thought Feifei was going to ignore her again, he suddenly shook his head. Wu Tong was pleasantly surprised by this and asked, “Do you want the pudding, then?”

Feifei’s eyes instantly lit up. Wu Tong chuckled and turned her head to ask the waiter to serve dessert.

Off to the side, Qin Ge was staring at his son, astonished. This was the first time Feifei had accepted someone so quickly.

Facepalms Why is our ML so dense? ; v ; Damn, he really said that to Wu Tong OOF

Btw, sorry this part is so short. ; v ; The next part (which will be released tomorrow) is longer and it's pretty... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hurhur

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