Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 13.1 - From Now On, I Will Be Your Mommy (1)

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*At a shopping center in the Imperial Capital.*

Qin Ge brought Feifei to the shopping center to pick out a new set of jigsaw puzzles. Qin Ge was looking at his phone as he threw whatever jigsaw puzzles Feifei wanted into the shopping cart.

They finished looking through the store and went to the cash register. The cashier looked at the three large and complicated jigsaw puzzle sets and commented with a hint of admiration, “You’re quite the enthusiast.”

Qin Ge chuckled and responded, “I’m not, but my son is.”

The cashier was astonished as he looked at the little boy sitting in the shopping cart.

Qin Ge paid the bill and pushed the shopping cart to the parking lot. On the way over, he talked to Feifei. “How come your mommy hasn’t reached out over the past few days? She also didn’t use the credit card that I gave her. Could it be that she doesn’t want to buy anything?”

Qin Ge recalled Wu Tong’s facial expression from the last time they met. He seemed to have realized something but denied it immediately. “Could it be that she doesn’t want my credit card? That can’t be right, she clearly likes money. Or does she like stocks more? But I can’t give her my shares in the company.

“How about we take her out to dinner?” Qin Ge thought this was a very good idea. “You still haven’t met her yet after she became your mommy.

“So how about it?”

Feifei hadn’t been paying attention to his silly father’s soliloquy. Instead, his gaze was fixed on the new jigsaw puzzle sets. Qin Ge took Feifei’s silence as tacit agreement and placed all the items in the car before sending Wu Tong a message on WeChat.

(I’ll come pick you up for dinner.)

Wu Tong, who was drawing inside a quiet cafe, heard the notification sound and picked up her phone to check. She frowned upon reading the text message. After deliberating for a few moments, she sent him her current location.

When QIn Ge saw Wu Tong’s response, he smiled with satisfaction and started the car.

Approximately half an hour later, Qin Ge carried Feifei to the entrance of the cafe. He immediately spotted Wu Tong sitting in a corner.

The waitress came toward them and asked, “Seats for how many, sir?”

Qin Ge shook his head and pointed in Wu Tong’s direction. The waitress understood him immediately and retreated. Qin Ge put Feifei back on the ground and held his hands as they slowly walked toward Wu Tong. Wu Tong suddenly looked up when she noticed Qin Ge’s shadow on her drawing.

“You’re here.” A smile bloomed on Wu Tong’s face.

Qin Ge was momentarily blinded by her dazzling glow. He subconsciously blinked before leaning over to place a light kiss on the corner of Wu Tong’s mouth.

By now, Wu Tong was already unaffected by this. Perhaps it was due to the fact that she was kissed by Qin Ge every time they met. Her gaze followed the length of Qin Ge’s left arm until it fell upon the little kid, whose height didn’t yet reach the table.

“Is this Feifei?” asked Wu Tong.

“Yep.” Qin Ge nodded, without providing any further introductions.

Wu Tong was a children’s clothing designer and really liked children. Plus, Feifei looked super cute.

She left her seat and squatted down in front of Feifei, smiling amiably as she said, “Hello, Feifei, my name is Wu Tong.”

Feifei looked up at Wu Tong but didn’t react any more than that.

Wu Tong glanced up at Qin Ge, somewhat surprised, and asked, “Does he not like me?”

“He just dislikes talking.” The Qin family only told Wu Tong’s second uncle’s family that Feifei was the orphan of Qin Ge’s comrade. They never explained Feifei’s condition, so Wu Tong was also unaware of it.

“Do you remember me?” Wu Tong tried to converse with Feifei again. “That day in the lobby of the Imperial Hotel, I[1] accidentally bumped into you and caused your toy to fall on the ground.”

[1] TL Note: Wu Tong actually refers to herself as "auntie" here. In Chinese culture, everyone is like a big family, so it's common for people to use familial terms to refer to others -- even people who aren't blood relatives.

Feifei blinked but still didn’t say anything to her.

Wu Tong had always been good with children, so such an awkward situation was a first for her.

“That’s not right,” Qin Ge suddenly interrupted.

“What?” Wu Tong gave him a puzzled look.

“You shouldn’t refer to yourself as ‘auntie.’” Qin Ge corrected, “You should refer to yourself as ‘mommy.’”

Wu Tong knew that her current facial expression was one of shock because she could sense her eyes subconsciously widening. As if to confirm whether Qin Ge was joking, Wu Tong stared at him for a long time.

Qin Ge, on the other hand, was waiting for Wu Tong’s response.

After coming back to her senses, Wu Tong turned back to Feifei and held one of his hands. She smiled warmly and said, “From now on, I will be your mommy. I hope you will like me.”

Feifei continued to look at Wu Tong without saying a word.

Wu Tong finally got the sense that something was off and couldn’t help but ask, “How come Feifei…?”

“Feifei didn’t shy away from you, so that means he doesn’t dislike you.” Qin Ge didn’t seem to have understood Wu Tong’s question and directly moved on to the next topic, asking, “Are you almost done?”

“Yeah, I’m done.” Wu Tong stood up and said, “We can leave after I gather my things. What do you guys want to eat?”

“Before I arrived, I saw a Cantonese restaurant right outside. Or would you prefer to eat a Western-style meal?” asked Qin Ge.

“Let’s go to the Cantonese restaurant.”

After deciding what they were going to eat, Wu Tong quickly packed up her drawing. When she turned back around, she noticed the father-son duo staring at her, which startled Wu Tong. She walked over and held Feifei’s left hand once again.

The three of them walked side by side out the door. Qin Ge looked at their uneven yet strangely harmonious shadows on the ground. Warmth slowly crept into his eyes.

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