Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1299: A long dream hasn’t ended: The card of destiny already calculated (Part 3)

What made the deepest impression on me was that our comms were cut off during the internet cafe tournament, but she and I relied on pure tacit understanding to win.

That tacit understanding gave me a special excited feeling.  Although I couldn’t say it in the end.

I knew that the girl in front of me had a very different meaning to me.

I liked being by her side, liked walking behind her and watching her from afar.

Whether it was in the game or in reality, I wanted to protect her.

Perhaps it was the storm before the provincial tournament that made me finally make up my mind.  She was wearing my coat and standing in the rain under the umbrella, looking at me the entire time.

I actually felt warm in that cold weather, wanting to stay in the rain a bit longer…..

During the provincial matches, we trained very seriously and never had time to do other things.

But I never thought that the ‘broken net’ would make us lose the championship.

At that moment, I suddenly felt powerless.  I couldn’t give her a championship, let her continue to shine.

But I never thought that she would say to me with a smile, “Let’s go to the LPL!”

The professional league, the dream stage of all professional League of Legends players.

That stage represented absolute honour and if she was willing, I could put in more than ten times the effort I had now.

I hope that one day, we could stand on that stage and lift the trophy that belonged to us.

I was grateful to my team because everyone agreed to move towards her ‘dream’.

To join the LPL, we had to become the champions of the LSPL.

Stumbling on the road to chasing our dream, although it wasn’t smooth sailing, the final result made everyone smile.

We had finally lifted the trophy that belonged to us.  That feeling of watching the enemies use all their methods and still lose with an unwilling look, that really did make one happy.

We could fail, but we couldn’t fail at the same place.

The ‘broken net’ at the provincial tournament made us lose the championship, so we used our strength to take the LSPL.

This time, it was impossible for these ‘villains’ to stop us!

I had her, Sacrificing Gods had Xiao Wu, and fatty…..

It didn’t matter, this was enough!

When we won the championship, we won the chance to enter IPL5.

This was a highly acclaimed international tournament, each team there was the best team of their countries.

Everyone knew that Korea was the best at League of Legends and this was our first stop in the fight against Korea.

In the ‘battle of gods’, a single small mistake would eliminate us.

But with our dedication to our dream and our determination, we stepped onto the world stage step by step.

In the finals, we played against Fnatic from Europe.  We played five games and I had a fever of forty degrees, but my mind had never been more clear.

We wanted to win, we had to win.

I wanted to give our country a win, I want to give her a win.

The good thing was that the scale of victory landed on our side this time.  We had won China’s first championship, this was a ‘miracle’ that belonged to us.

Many years later, we gradually faded, but I believe that future generations had aspirations and China’s e-sports scene would never die.

Long dreams never end, we will never give up.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 23/100]

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