Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1298: A long dream hasn’t ended: The card of destiny already calculated (Part 2)

Blazing Flame wasn’t a strong team back then, but I knew that after a mid laner called ‘Dust Floating in the World’ joined their team, they began slowly rising.

I downloaded a few playbacks of her games and whether it was CSing, suppressing enemies in lane, or wandering to support lanes, she was very good.

This was my first time feeling that there was such a strong player in this world.  What made me more surprised was that the gender in her profile showed that she was a girl.

A girl who had just turned eighteen and was still in high school.

This was…..an unbelievable matter.

Later someone on the forums said that she and their team’s ADC Jade Tree Facing the Wind were a couple.

I didn’t pay much attention to that ADC Jade Tree Facing the Wind because most of the matches Blazing Flame played were in internet cafe tournaments, so there weren’t many videos online.

I only knew that he was a very normal ADC.  Perhaps he had a bit of skills, but he could only be considered outstanding and not a genius.

When Blazing Flame disappeared after that, I used many methods and read every piece of news, but I couldn’t find any news related to that mid laner.

That night, there was a big storm in A City.  I was sitting in front of a computer as I took out a piece of white paper and wrote the words “Dust Floating in the World” on it.

Perhaps she went back to school since she was a student or she had some conflict with Jade Tree Facing the Wind and no longer stayed on Blazing Flame.

No matter what the reason was, the person I always cared about had suddenly disappeared, it created a strange sense of loss.

Until there was the day I received a resume from her.

Seeing the words ‘Dust Floating in the World’, I could clearly feel my heart skipping a beat.  There was a warm flow that went through me and went right to my heart.

What kind of a feeling was that.  For a person who was cold, proud, and a bit boring like me, it could be considered…...

What was the most exciting thing was that a person who you thought you could never approach falling in love with you.

Although she didn’t love me, this encounter was something that I never could have dreamed of.

What surprised me was that on her resume…..her gender was male.

I was suddenly a bit surprised, but then I reacted.  It seemed like I had written that we don’t want girls.

I suddenly felt it was very funny, but I couldn’t wait to see her.

That night, it seemed like a ‘miracle’ to me.  The stars in the night were shining bright.

After she joined W, she became everyone’s favourite.  Even Sacrificing Gods who didn’t like talking began speaking more.  Everyone didn’t forget to praise her skills and also praise her ability to scold others.

Really…...It made the ridicule of Sacrificing Gods and the fatty seem very awkward.

I vaguely remember our first game was against Blazing Flame.  That team that wasn’t even considered third rate without her couldn’t be a match for us, they were just like trash.

She didn’t have any flaws in her fluent play, we were just beating the other side.

And I was that proud, being able to see that dazzling her.

She didn’t hesitate because Jade Tree Facing the Wind was the ADC, she even flashed and blocked the ult that Jade Tree Facing the Wind used on me.

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