Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1297: A long dream hasn’t ended: The card of destiny already calculated (Part 1)

“Hey, did you hear of W?”

“Is that the name of a team?”

“No, it’s not a faith, it’s an era.”

I was talented when it came to games since I was young.  When the game League of Legends came out, it was popular all over the world.

I was also deeply attracted by this very charming game.  I liked playing solo back then until a friend had me carry a girl for him and I deeply realized that girls were only playing this game for ‘skins’.

They played League of Legends as a collection kind of game.  As long as there were new champs or skins, they would buy, buy, buy it.

For someone like me who loved playing video games, I felt that she was very disrespectful to the game.

Although it was like this, I never said a word from beginning to end.  I just clicked reject when they invited me to the next game.

It wasn’t because the girl playing was bad that I wasn’t interested in playing, it was because my friend had asked her when she was at full health, “Why are you going back to base?”

She had said, “I feel that my newly bought backing animation looks very good, I want to see it a few more times.”

I could feel that my friend was speechless, but since the other side was a girl, he couldn’t say anything.

But since that time, there was an inexplicable resistance towards girls in my heart.  That resistance had even reached the level of rejecting a lover.

It was because of my obsession of playing games that playing solo became a habit.

Sacrificing Gods had said: You are saying this because you haven’t met a ‘like minded’ person yet.

I said: There’s only one Feng Wu Yue in the world, you’re lucky because you met her.

To be honest, when Feng Wu Yue first appeared, everyone on our team was very jealous of Sacrificing Gods.

Naturally that also included me.

But even if everyone was jealous, there was no emotion other than surprise felt towards Feng Wu Yue.

For us, a girl being able to play support at this level really was very powerful.

When we were playing in the internet cafe tournaments, if she said she was the number one support, no one would dare say they were second.

But there were many things that had surprises.

For example: Sacrificing Gods and Feng Wu Yue.

For example: The mid laner leaving the country and the support leaving the team.

There were many things that had happened that made the three of us feel we were a bit caught off guard.

Our plan to play in the provincial tournament was put on hold and we decided to look for a support and mid laner first.  We would start by playing in the internet cafe tournaments for the first half of the year.

When I first saw her, there was one word to describe her.  It would be clean.

I thought that this weak looking ‘boy’ would be here to apply for the support role, but I never thought that she would apply for the mid laner role.

Fatty didn’t have much expectations towards her, but I had a strange premonition.

She would definitely become the teammate who would fight with me and facts proved that she was strong enough to enter our team.

With her dazzling moves, the fatty couldn’t even react when he had turned into a corpse.

I saw that confident arc appear on her lips and there was a slight throb in my heart.

That feeling was like a light that pierced through all obstacles, shining right through my heart.

Of course, I always knew that she was a girl, from beginning to end.

Perhaps you wouldn’t believe it if I said it now, but I always cared about this girl with this IGN.

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