Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1296: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (End)

It had to be said, with this so-called ‘reward’, Ye Qian Hun’s performance this game could be described as perfect.

Whether it was his ult CC skill, his connection of skills, or his DPS, they were all twice that of Luo Qing Chen’s.

The game ended before twenty five minutes and Ye Qian Hun had dealt 45% of the total damage, suppressing everyone else.

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Sacrificing Gods’ teasing came in the voice comms, “God Qian with a promise is like he had injected chicken’s blood, no one can match him.”

In the end, they had defeated Fnatic 3:1 and had won IPL5.

It was also the first championship in Chinese e-sports history!

After coming back to China, there was an exciting box that appeared in the game client: Welcoming back the world champions!

Because of this IPL5, they had been put in the top position.

In the following year, they were almost invincible in the country, reaching a forty nine game win streak.

This was the legend that belonged to them.

And after this legend, they returned to reality.  At the peak, they chose to retire.

Because they…..were getting married.

There were waves of voices that weren’t willing, but Ye Qian Hun had made his decision since he had already realized his dream.

The honours he received afterwards were just flukes.

On the day of their wedding, Ye Qian Hun made a custom diamond ring for her, which had a diamond in the shape of a little bear.  He said, “When you played Annie, you were especially dazzling.”

It should be at that moment that Luo Qing Chen knew that this man already knew her identity long ago.

But he just didn’t say anything.

One afternoon many years later, a new generation of W had entered the S season.

Luo Qing Chen was curled up on the sofa with a bear doll, watching the game with an excited look.

Ye Qian Hun poured a cup of milk for her before slowly coming over to ask, “Are you watching the competition?”

She took the milk and made a gesture, “Shh…...I’m watching my male god!”


“That ADC!”  Luo Qing Chen pointed at the handsome boy on screen, “Super handsome!”

Her casual words had evoked the jealousy of the person beside her.

He took her in his arms without another word and his deep eyes had a sparkle in them as he looked at her, “Am I handsome or is he?”

Luo Qing Chen realized that she said the wrong words and quickly corrected it, “You’re handsome, you’re handsome…...My husband is the most handsome!”

“Un.”  He replied in a thoughtful voice before asking, “Then am I better at playing ADC or is he!”

“Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen was stunned for a bit before asking back, “Are you talking about before or now?”

“All of it!”  He narrowed his eyes in a dangerous manner and his lips curled into a faint smile.  The slender fingers on his right hand had already gently wrapped around her wrist.

“You, you, you……”  Luo Qing Chen immediately raised her hands in surrender, “God Qian is the world’s number one ADC, no one can match you!”

He looked at her with sincere eyes before he couldn’t help revealing a pampering smile.  He raised a hand to fix her messed up hair and said, “Is W playing well this year?”

“Great!”  Luo Qing Chen leaned against his chest and said, “Truly powerful!”

“It seems like e-sports will never stop.”  Ye Qian Hun took her in his soft embrace, “So what did you like about me before?”

“Super good at playing ADC!”

“Anything else?”

“Nothing else!”

“Then can’t you praise my good looks?”

“Don’t you think that you were the most charming on stage?”

“Ah, that does seem to be the case…..”

Being a couple with shared hobbies, it really was good.

He always liked the things that she liked in this world, she would always play whatever games he wanted to play.

Knowing each other and loving each other.

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