Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1294: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 62)

Their first opponent was against the powerful Team C from North America!

This team had appeared as a dark horse, all five members of the team were young, but they all had top level skills.

As this was a world class competition, although the group stage wasn’t in Vegas, it was still in Europe.

On the night before leaving, she made a decision.

She opened the forms and made a post that belonged to her.

«Hello everyone, I am Dust Floating in the World.»

The post was very short, it was only a single sentence.

(No matter what my identity or gender is, I will do my best to win the championships for China!  ——W Mid Laner Dust Floating in the World.)

This was a vow, a kind of power, a spirit that would fight for the honour of the country.

Less than ten minutes after the post was sent, there were already hundreds of comments.  Her eyes suddenly lip up and she revealed a faint smile.

You Are My You Le Mei: Take the championship for China, I am a brain dead fan for god Qing Chen!  (Small question: Does god Qing Chen have a boyfriend?)

Ran Ran Likes Eating Watermelon: Chen Hun couple!!!

Nectar of Heaven: +1 to above!

A Leaf: Waiting for your triumphant return!

Whose Savior are You: Loving W really is great!


She turned off the computer with a faint smile.  Looking at her phone that was slightly lit up on the side, her heart felt warm.

(Good night, the plane is setting off at ten tomorrow, so get a good night’s sleep.  ——Ye Qian Hun)

She closed the lights and didn’t dream all night.

When the next day came and the plane flew across the sky, she suddenly realized that the real battle was about to begin.

This battle, other than the fans that supported them, most people who loved League of Legends didn’t have any hope in them.

Because China had never won an international tournament before.  All the domestic announcers and LPL professionals thought that it was impossible for Team W to take the coveted IPL championship.

After all, the enemies were too strong and they couldn’t be heroes in the apocalypse.

It was very hard playing Team C in the group stage since Team C’s top laner was called the best top laner in the world, so the fatty was completely suppressed.

Ten minutes later, the top lane was completely taken away by the enemy.

Everyone was trying to comfort each other in the voice comms, saying that ‘it’s fine’, or ‘we still have a chance’.

These encouraging words calmed the fatty down and he worked hard to make up his CS, finally stabilizing the situation.

The match lasted fifty minutes and when Team W took the enemy’s base, the fatty broke out in tears.

This was his first time on the world stage and he could truly feel that he wasn’t strong enough based on the enemy’s strength.

If it wasn’t for the high damage of Ye Qian Hun and Luo Qing Chen, they would have been the first team eliminated from IPL5.

However, Team W winning made the country boil.

Those players who didn’t have any hope for China suddenly had their hearts ignited.

They desperately cheered in front of their computers!

As for the five of them, they carried the dreams of all these players.  They overcame all obstacles and reached the finals.

America, Las Vegas!

Coming to a foreign country and working hard, just to take a world championship for China.

However, they would be facing the most powerful team is all of Europe, Fnatic.

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