Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1292: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 60)

“Peng!”  Chen Huan Huan angrily smashed the mouse and glared at Feng Wu Yue, “Are you having fun?”

She wanted to use this anniversary celebration to show off her friends and her boyfriend.

But not only could she not show off, she had even been fiercely slapped!

“Of course……”

“Whether it’s fun or not, you can tell by the result.”  Before Feng Wu Yue could finish, there was an evil charming and beautiful voice that cut through.

Feng Wu Yue turned around to see Sacrificing Gods moving towards her step by step.

The lights of the internet cafe were very bright and he stood by her side like a knight protecting a princess.

“You…..Aren’t you Death God Priest?”  The boy covered in acne recognized Sacrificing Gods and excitedly came over, “Can…..Can you give me your autograph?”

“This…..”  He looked over at Gu Hang before taking Feng Wu Yue by the waist, “You’ll have to ask my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend!?”  Chen Huan Huan’s eyes opened wide as she looked at Feng Wu Yue in disbelief, “What a joke!  When did you get a boyfriend?”

“What does it matter to you when she got a boyfriend?”  Sacrificing Gods replied without any care.

“I……”  Chen Huan Huan was a bit stunned.  She wanted to say something, but she found that she had no reason to say it.

Whether it was friends or a boyfriend, Feng Wu Yue had it!  She really wasn’t willing to accept it.

The only thing that she could win over Feng Wu Yue on was her husband Gu Hang!

“Husband, I’m tired, let’s go back in your BMW!”  When she said this, Gu Hang standing on the side looked very awkward.

Because he knew who Sacrificing Gods was.

As someone in the business circle, Su Ji who was the only son of the president of the Su Group was a rich second generation who loved playing games.

“Husband, let’s buy two lobsters on the way home!  I want to eat!”  Seeing that Gu Hang wasn’t speaking, Chen Huan Huan angrily added in a few words.

“Stop speaking.”  Gu Hang narrowed his cold eyes and his face looked very ugly.

He looked at Sacrificing Gods and said, “For the young master of the Su Group to come to my Starlight Internet Cafe’s anniversary celebration, it really is my honour!”

“Un humph.”  He gave a soft snort before his lips curled into a beautiful smile, “You can be considered an acquaintance.”

After all, if this Gu Hang didn’t please him, he was already planning on calling his father.

Whether this internet cafe would still be here tomorrow would be a big question.

Chen Huan Huan’s face was very ugly.  No matter how dumb she was, she could tell from Gu Hang’s words that the other side was someone they couldn’t offend.

Even if she was about to explode from anger, she could only smile as she said, “Cousin, you really are something!  Your friend is this powerful and your boyfriend is rich and handsome!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.”  She just gave four cold laughs before saying, “It’s good you know!”

“You, why did you come here without waiting for us?”  He softly patted her head with a pampering smile.  It was a good thing that he ordered her favourite beef and shrimp balls at the Phoenix Building!

“Yi, why is it only you!”  Feng Wu Yue looked around, “God Qian didn’t come?”

“I don’t know!  He said that he was going next door to buy a cup of chocolate milk for Qing Chen, he should be here soon!”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 100%.]

She pursed her lips into a smile and said, “He’s here.”

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