Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1291: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 59)

Since it was a custom game, there wasn’t a ban phase.  Luo Qing Chen directly chose the Deceiver, planning on practicing before IPL5.

“Qing Chen, should I play DPS or support!”  Feng Wu Yue was a bit conflicted since her DPS play really wasn’t good at all.

If she played DPS, she might hold her back.  Although she could protect her as a support, their DPS might not be enough since there were three people on the other side.

“Play whatever you want to play!”  Luo Qing Chen said, “I’ll protect you for Sacrificing Gods!”

Feng Wu Yue was a bit moved, a strange feeling between teammates.

The friendship between girls was a bit different from guys, this was the first time she felt this kind of warmth.

“Then I’ll play Annie!”


A minute later, the game began.

The three on the other side chose two ADCs and one mid laner.

The two ADCs were Ashe and Varus and the mid laner was Ryze.

It had to be said, they were female players that had reached diamond, so their choice of champs were quite good.

But since the free of them didn’t plan on choosing a single tank, in front of her Deceiver, they were paper!

Luo Qing Chen was very serious about getting CS in the first ten minutes since if she wanted to crush them, she had to crush them in all aspects.

For example, she had already reached ninety CS at ten minutes and the other side added up didn’t add to ninety.

To be fair, they were very poor at last hitting.

The surrounding men began to whisper since almost everyone in the room wouldn’t be able to reach the same amount of CS as her.

“Damn!  This girl is so powerful, she’s definitely challenger!”

“Definitely!  Didn’t you see the border when they were loading in?”

“I saw it!  I thought it was someone else’s account since these kinds of girls love to show off!”

“Ninety CS at ten minutes, I can’t do that.”

“There are few professionals that can do this!  It really is amazing!”

“Why do I feel that Huan Huan’s group is going to be abused!”

“Yi, why does this girl’s IGN seem a bit familiar!”


When Luo Qing Chen got her two items, she sent a message in all chat.

[All] Dust Floating in the World: Show time!

Once she said this, she used a flash with a QWRE combo on Chen Huan Huan, completely crushing Chen Huan Huan who didn’t have any equipment.  She didn’t even have time to flash as she died under her own tower.

At this time, another girl flashed to catch her.  She used cleanse and used a W with a R to directly send her back home.

At the same time, Feng Wu Yue got a solo kill on the bottom laner.

The situation of the game became very clear in an instant.  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t see Chen Huan Huan’s face, but she knew that she must have exploded with anger!



The surrounding cheers came one wave after another.  After all, people who loved League of Legends couldn’t help clapping when they saw this kind of play.

This was the charm of e-sports!

After taking the two kills, Luo Qing Chen used the high damage of the Deceiver to take various towers and kills, almost completely crushing them.

In the end, she was 32-0-12 when she took their base.

Thirty two kills in just thirty minutes, it could be said that as long as the three of them revived, they immediately died.

She didn’t give them a chance to breathe and crushed her with her absolute abilities!

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