Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1285: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 53)

[All] Jade Tree Facing the Wind: Could it be that you don’t know that your mid laner isn’t a man at all?”

When You Yu Lin sent these words, the entire crowd exploded.  It was at that moment, all the gossip overwhelmed them.

“Damn!  Jade Tree Facing the Wind wouldn’t mean that god Qing Chen is a woman, right!”

“Actually, I always felt that god Qing Chen was quite slender!”

“What does that mean, a girl?”

“That would be funny.  Team W’s mid laner is a girl and they didn’t even know it?”

“The funnier thing is why would Jade Tree Facing the Wind know?”

[All] Jade Tree Facing the Wind: You must be very curious why I know that she’s a girl, right!  It’s because she used to be our Blazing Flame’s mid laner!  The rest of Team W, are you shocked to hear this?

You Yu Lin’s words were filled with taunting, not giving people a chance to breathe at all.

The voice comms were silent since the IGN Dust Floating in the World used to belong to Blazing Flame’s mid laner.

When You Yu Lin said this, everything seemed to have connected.

She was surprised for three seconds.  When she was about to say something in the in game chat, Ye Qian Hun sent a message faster than her.

[All] Half World Held Soul: When did we say that she was a man?

Just these words made Luo Qing Chen’s hand tightly holding the mouse unconsciously tremble.

Then the fatty was the next one to write in all chat.

[All] Unparalleled Fatty: Are you a fool, are you jealous of our girls?

[All] Death God Priest: He’s not jealous of our girls, rather how bad his girls are.

[All] Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance: I don’t care, I don’t care, god Qing Chen is the most handsome little fairy! 乛?乛


It seemed like everyone was resolute at this moment, they had all chosen to stand by her side.

“You all……”  Luo Qing Chen’s voice was a bit choked up.  The words she wanted to say were choked in her throat and she couldn’t say a single word.

“Focus on CSing.”  Ye Qian Hun’s gentle voice slowly sounded.  At this moment, it calmed her heart.

“I’m very sorry……”

“Mid lane killing god, you have to carry this round!”  Feng Wu Yue cut her off at the same time, “After all, our bot lane’s ADC has already missed at least ten CS!:

“Ha, ha.  The fatty had a simple and honest smile, “Qing Chen, it seems like god Qian was more nervous than you.”

“Yes.”  Ye Qian Hun’s star like eyes sparkled as he revealed a faint smile, “I’m more nervous than her.”

This was his first time being this nervous on stage.  Actually, he already knew about the fact that she was a girl.

But since she didn’t say anything, he didn’t reveal it.

At this moment, when she was on the edge of the storm, as the person who had been silently guarding over her, there was a feeling that made him more nervous than her.

“I say, god Qian, if you miss another wave, we won’t get far.”  Feng Wu Yue said in a pretentious tone, “It’s almost twenty minutes, you have to give us a team fight we can’t lose.”

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen came from mid lane to see a You Yu Lin who was very forward farming minions.

Luo Qing Chen flashed without another word and used a RQWE combo to take his life.

This momentum had a bit of anger, as if it was punishment for a villain!

He wanted to use this method to shake their minds, it was a putty that the trust was much deeper than he imagined!

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