Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1283: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 51)

After beating AG, there were many posts on the forum.

One of them was: «Without reaching your peak, you will never leave your rock bottom.  ——Everyone on Team W»

This was posted by a fan and Luo Qing Chen was completely moved after reading it.

After all, they were not fighting for themselves, but rather for the fans who supported them.

On an afternoon where they didn’t have a game, everyone went off to do their own things.

Sacrificing Gods went to watch Team Q’s previous matches and Feng Wu Yue went with him, quietly holding a small notebook to analyze the matches.

They didn’t explain what had happened before.  In Sacrificing Gods’ heart, as long as Feng Wu Yue was back, he could forgive her.

He had always wanted to stand at the peak that belonged to him, proving that Team W was the strongest team.

Ye Qian Hun knit his brows when he saw a post, it was from the replacement ACD of Team Q.

To put it in other words, it was You Yu Lin.

(V Certification: Chosen by Team Q’s mid laner) You Yu Lin had made a very typical post.

It was called: «The Team W you don’t know!»

The contents of the post was very short, it was just a few words: Want to know?  Ha, ha, it is related to the popular mid laner for Team W.

Stay tuned!

With just a few words, there were many fans and lurkers gathered.

God: What is this?!

The Girl Chasing After Those Years: Isn’t Team Q trying to sow discord!

Cold Cold: I don’t care!  Whoever says that my god Qing Chen isn’t good, we will fight them!

That Cloud: I’ve really had enough of this Jade Tree Facing the Wind, going from Blazing Flame to Team Q’s sub.  There is nothing to say about his skills, but there’s nothing to say about his character.

White Dandelion: +1 to above!  Just with him and that Exquisite Beauty from before, my god!  They are the cancers of the e-sports world!


Everyone was happy with their discussions, but Ye Qian Hun couldn’t help knitting his brows even deeper as he scrolled down.

Luo Qing Chen got up to pour some coffee and she saw Ye Qian Hun’s browser on that page.  She slowly came over and her fingers accidentally touched Ye Qian Hun’s cool fingers.

He was stunned and turned to say something, but she interrupted him, “The enemy is in front, what gossip are you looking at!”

“This is gossip related to you.”  His lips curled slightly.  Seeing how relaxed she was, his brows slowly began to relax.

“We can’t stop him from saying what he wants to say.”  Luo Qing Chen slightly pursed her lips, “The most important thing is to win now.”

After the experience of ‘disconnecting’ from the provincial tournament, it was them and Team Q who entered the finals this time as well.

The game was broadcasted and there were many fans that came, so they wouldn’t be able to do anything at this glorious competition.

If they lose again, the ones they would be letting down the most were the fans who came to support them.

“Don’t worry, with Team Q’s current condition, they definitely aren’t this fat master’s match!”  Fatty said while wildly killing people in the game, “I want them to brag and to spit it out all at the finals!”

The day of the finals, it was snowing.  It was very cold and sitting on the stage, one’s fingers were a bit numb.

Ye Qian Hun gave her a hand warmer as a sparkle appeared in his deep eyes, “Don’t catch a cold, mid lane killing god.”

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