Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1280: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 48)

There was no need to mention what had happened in the past for her because she never regretted her choice.

As long as Sacrificing Gods could achieve his dreams, as long as his dreams were stopped because of money.

Then everything she did was worth it…...

Everyone on Team W had thought that her signing fee for Team Q had to be very high…..

Hundred thousands?  Millions?

When she heard this, she gave a gentle smile and swallowed the bitterness back into her stomach.

Actually her signing fee to Team Q was exactly a hundred thousand.

She had given all her signing fee to Sacrificing Gods just to hope that he continued his dream, continuing to compete in e-sports.

Later she heard that the team they made went very smoothly, winning several internet cafe tournaments.

She couldn’t help feel relieved since she thought that her hundred thousand had played an important role.

Actually…..it cost way more than a hundred thousand for this.  Feng Wu Yue would never know that her hundred thousand was already thrown into the river by Sacrificing Gods.

This silent night, no one could get any sleep.

Every person was thinking about the competition.  For them, their minds were steam trains filled with coal and it didn’t stop for even a second.

Half a month later, they received their first sponsor.  It was a certain brand of gaming mouse.

When they signed up for the LSPL, they found that Team Q had also signed up.

“Damn, enemies really do gather.”  Fatty angrily said, “How could this level of a team appear in this professional event!  If they think they can still play such tricks in the LSPL, they really are thinking too much.”

After all, this was a national level competition.  It wasn’t something that one can join with one or two sponsors, Team Q could enter the LSPL because they had won the provincial tournament.

“Click the video below and let me see it.”  Luo Qing Chen pointed at a small button on the screen, “Let’s look at their interview.”

The video had the five members of Team Q, but it only had the voice of the host and Six Sauce.

Host: You have performed well in the provincial tournament, you played very stable whether it was in the group stages or the finals.  What do you think your advantages lie?

Six Sauce took the mic and said with a smile, “I feel that all five members of our team are very strong, we’re good at suppressing in lane or in team fights.

Host: How do you feel about taking the championship?

Caesar took the mic, “Very good!  The main reason was because it was too easy to win since we’re too strong, the provincial tournament didn’t put any pressure on us at all.”

Host: It seems like you really are powerful!  I give you a thumbs up!  The next question, there are many fans that are saying that are comparing you to Team W who were as dazzling as you, what do you think is the gap between you and them?

Six Sauce took the mic again and looked at the camera with a confident smile, “I feel that there is a difference in strength, since we know from the results that they aren’t as good as us.”

Host: Ha, ha!  It seems like you’re all very confident!  The last question, do you have any views on their entry in the LSPL this time?

Six Sauce didn’t give the mic back to anyone for the last question, he just looked right in the camera, “I feel that their team (look of disgust) isn’t worthy of being in this competition.  After all, they can’t compare to us, so there is a large gap between them and professional players.”

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