Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1279: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 47)

When they came back to their camp that night, fatty first turned on his computer to look at the forums.

As expected, there was nothing completely hidden in this world, not to mention such a large provincial tournament.

If you don’t want people to know, don’t do it.

The hottest post was about the final sentence that she had said on stage.

«Mid lane killing god: Having the ‘skills’ to cut the connection, the sponsors are amazing!»

Most of the comments below were criticizing Team Q, talking about how they didn’t suspend the match when they had been disconnected.

Cute Little Mosquito: Ha, ha, ha!  It really is too funny, they didn’t pause the game during a disconnect?

Dual Sided Mirror: Isn’t this a bit too shady!  This kind of provincial tournament really brings shame to League of Legends!

Little Leaf on the Ceiling: Although it was shady, I still want to say that our W doesn’t want this kind of championship!

Team Q’s Little Fangirl: I find it quite funny, isn’t the winner the king?  Can the braindead fans make up any excuses for W’s loss?

Not Dreaming During the Day: @Team Q’s Little Fangirl, this little sister, I suggest you have a doctor take a look at your eyes before you say anything, alright?

Rose Petals: Is there a need?  Can’t you clearly see that there was a disconnect?

Team Q’s Little Fangirl: I didn’t see it!


The fans of both sides argued on this post and of course Team Q’s fans were completely beaten.

After all, justice was in everyone’s hearts.  Using such a despicable method to win, they should fear that the fans would push them to the edge.

On the other side, Ye Qian Hun as looking into forming a LPL team.

To become a LPL team, they had to compete in a tournament named the LSPL.

[TL Note: This isn’t even real, the LSPL is a secondary league for challenger teams to try and take a spot in the LPL, but you’ll see later that this novel is based in the 2012 era and the LSPL was only started in 2014.]

As long as they won the LSPL, they would be eligible to become one of the LPL teams.

The most inevitable thing would be sponsors.  A team needed money to operate, so this thing was understandable!

“But sponsors are really expensive.”  Feng Wu Yue curled her lips as she flipped through the web pages, “It’s several million at once, it really is binding.”

“You don’t need to worry about sponsors.”  Sacrificing Gods waved his hand, “We just need to prepare for the LSPL!”

“Don’t need to worry?”  Feng Wu Yue’s eyes trembled, “It can’t be that you won the lottery, right!”

In Feng Wu Yue’s mind, Sacrificing Gods was also a poor boy.  It was impossible to get money without sponsors, everyone knew that…...

“Sacrificing Gods doesn’t need to win the lottery!”  The fatty gave a laugh, “He is a rich second generation to begin with!”

As soon as his voice fell, Feng Wu Yue’s face became a bit ugly.

Sacrificing Gods saw the awkward look she had and narrowed his eyes to ask, “If you knew back then, would you have still gone?”

Everyone fell silent when they heard this question since whether the answer was ‘yes or no’, it would make them gasp.

If Feng Wu Yue said ‘yes’, it meant that she never loved Sacrificing Gods.

If she said ‘no’, it would mean that she was a greedy person.

Because Sacrificing Gods and W was poor back then, she chose to leave.

This was a question that didn’t have an answer to begin with, but Feng Wu Yue didn’t hesitate at all to give Sacrificing Gods an answer.

“No.”  She looked up with eyes that were as calm as water, not having a single ripple.

However, Sacrificing Gods would never know that it took Feng Wu Yue all her courage to say this word.

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