Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1277: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 45)

“I have teleport.  I’ll clear the bot lane, you push mid lane.”  Luo Qing Chen knit her brows, quickly tapping on her mouse and keyboard before saying to them, “Their overall ability can’t compare to ours, we can still fight!”

If there was a difference in strength that caused them to lose, she could accept it.

But if it was fluctuations in the connection that made them lose, she really was a bit unwilling.

“Alright!”  Feng Wu Yue quickly put down vision in the area around her before saying, “Be careful!  If you’re surrounded, head in the direction of the dragon!”

“Got it.”

In terms of zoning, Luo Qing Chen had chosen a rather good mid laner.

However, when she had pushed to the bot lane’s second tower, the game stopped moving again.

It wasn’t only her who stopped moving, rather it was everyone on her team!

“What is this situation?”  Fatty angrily roared out as he forcefully clicked his mouse.

However, even at this point of the game, the referee didn’t stop it.

“It seems like they really were ‘prepared’ for this game.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort as a dark look appeared in her eyes.

For Team Q to take the championship, not only did they have Caesar sneak into their team undercover, they even made him change break apart their lineup.

But because of Feng Wu Yue, they could still play on stage with their dazzling skills.

But they never thought that they would use even more despicable methods!

“You mean that our network connection issue is done by them?”  Sacrificing Gods’s face was like ice at this moment, as if those sharp eyes could kill anyone.

“It isn’t that it isn’t possible.”  Feng Wu Yue said while trying to reconnect, “Although the provincial competitions are more formal than the internet cafe ones, there are still many things lacking compared to the official LPL competitions.”

Although she didn’t expect Team Q of being able to affect their network connection, the sponsor this time did indeed have a close relationship to them.

What is the sponsor, it was the people who paid for everything and gave the prize money.

A minute later, when they reconnected to the game, the other side had already pushed to their base.

It was clear that with the baron buff, they could only watch as their base fell.

It really…..was an indescribable sad feeling.

There was a wave of sighs that came from the crowd.  At the end of the game, the provincial competition stopped broadcasting.

The host looked very awkward, but he still kept ‘acting’.  He slowly picked up the mic and the corners of his lips tugged up as he said, “It really was a satisfying event.  Let us congratulate Team Q as S Province’s champions.  This game in S City has attracted many fans to come and watch, we thank you for being with us for this competition.  Now let’s invite…..”

“Damn, do you even want face?”  Before the host could say anything, the audience threw water bottles at Team Q.

If they didn’t understand what happened with the first disconnect, but even a person without a brain could understand the collective disconnect that happened a few minutes later!

Team Q had won the game this time, but they had lost the hearts of the people.

“Is the provincial competition this fake?”  Another excited member of the audience stood up and attacked them, “You really are shameless, you’re still calling on the audience like this!  These provincial champions owe W an apology!”

“Right!  They owe W an apology!”

“Apologizes to W or you really are shameless!”


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