Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1271: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 39)

“You’re this loud, the entire building can hear you.”  A clear and pleasant voice slowly rang out.

Feng Wu Yue was casually leaning against the wall in the hallway not far away.  She was wearing a light coloured denim jacket with a neat ponytail and a pair of white converse shoes.

This outfit was exactly the same as the one she wore when they first met back then.

There was a terrifying silence in the air and only after a while did he slowly turn around.  He put his hands in his pocket and there was an indifferent look in his eyes, “A rare guest, do you need something?”

“Yes.”  Feng Wu Yue’s smile was a bit awkward as she said, “We haven’t seen each other in so long, let’s grab a drink.”

The Sacrificing Gods in front of her was the same.  His silver hair made his white skin even more bright and the diamond earring in his right ear glowed brightly.

“Sorry, I have a game tomorrow.”  Sacrificing Gods took a deep look at her with complicated emotions in his dark eyes.

These emotions couldn’t be said or understood.

“It’s just coffee, not alcohol.”  There was a trace of disappointment in Feng Wu Yue’s eyes, but her lips curled even more as she looked at him, “The fierce jungler in the eyes of the fans wouldn’t be nervous, right!”

“Say what you want.”  He gritted his teeth and his face didn’t have any warmth as he turned to leave.

“Su Ji.”

That name, it had been a long time…...since someone called him that.

In the past, there was a beautiful and cute girl who was a first class support.

She would always follow him as she called: Su Ji, Su Ji, Su Ji.

It was after she left that he changed his IGN to Death God Priest.

A name that was ice cold, dark, and no one could approach.


In an elegant coffee shop, there was the low sounds of the cello that filled the air and there was a strong coffee scent.

Sacrificing Gods ordered a cappuccino for himself and ordered a hot chocolate for Feng Wu Yue.

She looked at the hot chocolate in front of her and couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

He was still that Sacrificing Gods, but she was no longer his Feng Wu Yue.

“What did you come looking for me for?”  Sacrificing Gods looked at her somewhat tired face and couldn’t help lowering his tone as he looked at her to say, “If you’re tired, you should go and rest.”

“You really want to fight to the end?”  Feng Wu Yue’s question was a bit weird, but she honestly looked at him as she asked this.

Sacrificing Gods heard this and the gentle atmosphere completely disappeared.

He narrowed his cold eyes and he revealed a taunting smile, “You really want to see me not reach the top this much?”


“It does make sense.”  His lips curled even more as he looked at her, “After all, we are enemies now, it’s normal if you don’t want us to play.  But do you look down on your support that much?”

She bit her lip and wanted to say something, but she swallowed it after it came to her lips.

After a while, when the performers on stage finished their song, she said with a sigh, “Be careful of your support.”

“What?  You’re trying to split us now?”  Sacrificing Gods raised his brow before drinking his coffee, “So your Team Q likes playing these kinds of tricks.”

“I think that you might not know who he is.”  Feng Wu Yue clenched her fists before she stopped biting her lips, “He used to be our team’s ADC, I think that you should have some impression of him.”

In the end, she came looking for him for his own good.

She suddenly felt that this was good, at least there was a chance for them to argue.



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