Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1268: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 36)

“So…..Sorry.”  Sacrificing Gods’ voice came from the voice call, he still hesitated in the end.

He knew that this would be dragging on the pace of the game, but he couldn’t throw his skills on her at that moment.

“It’s fine.”  Luo Qing Chen softly said, “If you want to lose to her, we can do it with you.”

Actually Luo Qing Chen’s trick wasn’t that good, but using it on Sacrificing Gods now was quite effective.

“Of course we will win.”  He took a deep breath and said, “Only we are qualified to stand at the peak of victory.”

As soon as his voice fell, he was stunned by a W from the enemy and every jumped on him, directly killing him.

When Sacrificing Gods’ corpse fell to the ground, the other side’s mid laner Six Sauce danced on him.  But even like that, Feng Wu Yue gave him a shield to protect him.

Everyone in the voice call was silent.  It wasn’t Sacrificing Gods’ screen that turned dark, but rather his heart.

“God Qian, it’s twenty minutes.”  After a while, his voice came back to him, “You should give us a team fight that we can’t lose.”

“Start whenever.”  Ye Qian Hun had the look of an absolute king in his eyes.  He had three items and over a hundred CS over the enemy ADC which gave him enough power to say this.

“But what I have is damage and even fatty isn’t tanky, the other side has too many CC skills.”  Sacrificing Gods seemed to have changed back into the Sacrificing Gods that calmly analyzed the situation, speaking in a very calm voice.

Luo Qing Chen changed the Rabadon’s Death Cap she wanted to a Zhonya’s Hourglass.

The Zhonya Hourglass wasn’t as effective as the Death Cap, but it had a very good active skill which was referred to in game as golden body.

Using the Zhonya Hourglass, the hero you played couldn’t be targeted for two seconds, but they also couldn’t move.

“I can start it.”  Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled slightly as a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

There was no chance of them losing this game because they had been confident enough to give her Twisted Fate.

This was the one that belonged to her, Destiny.

After controlling the vision around baron, they went looking for a team fight mid.

Luo Qing Chen used her ult and jumped into the five enemies.

“Damn, is this person crazy?  Are they feeding?”

“I like it, I like it, I like being fed the most!”

“Truly amazing feed!  I like this kind of mid laner feeding the most!”


The enemies who had been taunting her immediately fell silent.

Because after they used a bunch of CC skills, Luo Qing Chen directly used her Zhonya’s Hourglass.

Her entire body turned gold and she dodged all their ults and CC.

The fans all stirred as they were simply stunned by Luo Qing Chen’s move.

Landing golden, landing golden, landing golden.

When they were stunned, Sacrificing Gods used a EQ combo with his ult, landing all his skills on the mid laner.

At this time, Ye Qian Hun who was in the nearby bush used a W to keep up to deal damage, taking his life away.

A small scale team fight occurred between them and it lasted a total of two to three seconds.

Luo Qing Chen used all her skills after coming out of her golden state and destroyed the enemies.

After taking the baron, they used that buff to end the game.

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