Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1267: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 35)

Team Q’s current bot lane was Feng Wu Yue and You Yu Lin.

Whether it was the previous host or Sacrificing Gods, there was a deep grudge.

As for the mid lane, since the other side was confident enough to give her Twisted Fate, he should get a taste of Luo Qing Chen’s Twisted Fate.

The early stages of the game were rather even.  Although the other side’s CS couldn’t keep up to hers, it was still quite stable.

After all, Luo Qing Chen felt that her and Ye Qian Hun’s skills were enough for them to solo kill the lanes while CSing, but the other side played very carefully.  They would rather lose minions than expose themselves to danger.

“The jungler can come bot, the ADC doesn’t have flash.”  Ye Qian Hun said this while pinging the brush in mid lane, “Be careful of the enemy jungler.”



Sacrificing Gods and Luo Qing Chen both replied with one word.  They didn’t say much since they could tell that the other side wasn’t weak.

A minute later, Sacrificing Gods who had chosen J4 came to bot lane and hid in the triangle brush out of sight.

But when he saw the support come close, he used an EQ combo without a word and firmly trapped her with his ult.

Ye Qian Hun followed up with a W and put the E on her before using his autos to take away her life.

The enemy ADC You Yu Lin flashed under the tower and silently killed minions.

At this time, the enemy mid laner sent a message in all chat.

[All] Six Sauce: Xiao Wu, do you see it!  These people don’t find you pleasing to the eyes and only think about killing you.

[All] Unparalleled Fatty: Shut up!  A person who’s being crushed by twenty CS can still talk?


There were screams in the audience as the sounds crested.

The commentator was a bit awkward when casting and the coach reminded them not to explode.  After all, it was being broadcasted online and while it was only a qualifier, it would have a bad effect.

Luo Qing Chen used her ult to go to the blue buff and took away Six Sauce who wanted to back after taking the blue with a WEQ combo.

Of course, she also took away the blue buff.

Even if the fatty didn’t use his mouth to argue with the other side, she used her absolute strength to slap them down.

The sound of the face slapping didn’t end as the crowd’s cheering came in waves.

Six Sauce felt that he had no face.  He wanted to taunt Sacrificing Gods, but then he was solo killed by the enemy’s rookie mid laner.

When the camera fell onto his face, it was completely dark.

“The baron is coming up in one minute.  Sacrificing Gods, go and control the vision in the pit.”  Ye Qian Hun didn’t forget to give orders to Sacrificing Gods while killing minions.

After all, he knew that although his EQ combo along with the ult had been very smoothly used on Feng Wu Yue, he was still a bit unwilling in his heart.

Because after he pressed the ult, he didn’t use any autos on her.

“Alright, I’ll do it after getting this blue.”

“I’ll come with you.”  Luo Qing Chen said, slowly moving towards the baron pit.

Because the baron pit was dark, Luo Qing Chen went from the direction of her blue buff, but she never thought that Sacrificing Gods would turn to see Feng Wu Yue who was putting down vision near the baron pit.

It really was…..meeting on a narrow road.

Sacrificing Gods was stunned, not pressing any skills.

Feng Wu Yue’s W skill turned him into a little sheep and Luo Qing Chen used her ult to appear in front of her, taking her life with all her skills.

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