Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1266: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 34)

“Un, un, we’ll meet on stage!”  Tang You You’s face was red as she awkwardly scratched her head, “You guys need to fight hard too, you are the belief of all us fans!”

Because they used to….also be her belief.

Only ten minutes before the match did Team Q slowly walk onto the stage.

They were wearing a black uniform and there were many fans assembled behind them as they walked onto the stage.

Sacrificing Gods was a bit stunned as his eyes stayed on Feng Wu Yue for a while.  Until the host said ‘can both teams please take their seats’ did he finally come back to his senses and walk towards the stage.

Actually, Sacrificing Gods didn’t know that Feng Wu Yue wearing the sunglasses had her eyes on him the entire time, not looking away for a second.

But he didn’t know about this.

Both sides sat down and entered the ban pick phase.

Team Q was different from ‘Blazing Flame’, their style gradually leaned towards playing methodical.

It meant that as long as everyone on the team was good, they would practice using every resource on the map (dragon, baron, towers) to speed up the pace of the game.

Team Q banned Luo Qing Chen’s most dazzling Syndra and Annie, as well as the Xayah that Ye Qian Hun used once.

It seemed like Team Q had made quite a few preparations to face them.

“How about we target their ADC?”  Sacrificing Gods said in the voice chat and everyone was surprised.

Since both sides were on stage at the same time, in order to avoid excess sound, normal large scale competitions would use soundproof headphones for communications.

Three seconds later, the fatty said first, “Alright, ban whatever you want to ban.”

“Thanks brother.”

In the end, Sacrificing Gods banned the three most powerful ADCs, Kalista, Xayah, and Kog’maw.

[TL Note: Author forgot that the enemy team already banned Xayah….]

Ye Qian Hun’s bitter laugh came from their headsets, “Are you targeting him or me?”

“God Qian, if your champion pool is this shallow, you can delete the words god Qian from your life.”  Sacrificing Gods banned two champs while saying this, targeting their support this time.

[TL Note: This is based in 2011, which means that there were only three bans back then, so it’s very clear that the author knows nothing about league…..]

In other words, he was targeting Feng Wu Yue.

After the ban phase was over, it was time for the champ select phase.  In the end, Ye Qian Hun took Tristana and Luo Qing Chen chose Twisted Fate.

Everyone knew that Twisted Fate was her natural champion.  This was a champ that could extend all over the map to provide support, it was very good for team fighting.

“They actually let you pick Twisted Fate?”  When the game entered the loading screen, the fatty finally reacted.

Normally speaking, it was impossible for a team playing against Team W to give Luo Qing Chen Twisted Fate since she was just too powerful with it.

Twisted Fate looked like a magician, but he had very good damage and could even kill minions for mana.

Luo Qing Chen played very naturally, but the enemy mid laner was Jayce, a champ that consumed a lot of resources.

“They must be very confident in their mid laner!”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and revealed a confident smile.

She liked this feeling of a strong match since the closer the enemy was to her, the more exciting it was to win.

“Don’t panic, I’ll come to mid lane to help you catch up.”  Sacrificing Gods said in a rare gentleman fashion to Luo Qing Chen.

“No need.”  She said with a chuckle, “You only have to do one thing this game, gank their bot lane!”

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