Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1264: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 32)

When Luo Qing Chen looked over, she met Ye Qian Hun’s deep eyes.

There were times where she couldn’t describe the person in front of her.  He was dominating when he should be, handsome when he should be, warm when he should be, and black bellied when he should be.

There was a feeling that this person didn’t have a set personality, but he had a charm that others couldn’t look away from.

She felt very comfortable when she was with him, like the other side had thought things through no matter what happened.  He didn’t give you any pressure and only helped you relax.

“Why!”  Sacrificing Gods pointed at his hair, “To be honest, if it wasn’t for my good luck, he would have cut my arteries instead of my hair.  Otherwise you would have to go to the King of Hell’s palace to see me today!”

“The fatty just isn’t used to a new environment.”  Ye Qian Hun casually looked at Sacrificing Gods, “It should be fine today.”

“I don’t want it, I don’t want it, I don’t want it!”  Sacrificing Gods firmly shook his head, “I’ve said it three times, it means I really don’t want it!”

Fatty had a depressed look as he ate the hard boiled eggs in front of him, “I’ll get a large room for myself!  Humph!”

“I think that works.”

“It’s a pity……”  Ye Qian Hun said, “There’s no rooms for the hotel today, you can only wait until tomorrow.”

“Then I’ll be in your room tonight!”  Sacrificing Gods looked at him with a serious look, “I can get an extra bed added.”



“Because……”  He looked at his watch before casually said, “I’m not willing.”

Of course, no matter what Sacrificing Gods said, Ye Qian Hun didn’t agree to add a bed since the one who booked the room had the right to add beds!

Because of Ye Qian Hun’s ‘cruel’ rejection, Sacrificing Gods didn’t forget to keep asking while on the way to the arena!

“You…..You won’t let me sleep.”


“I’ll just feed if you won’t let me!”

“Alright.”  Ye Qian Hun opened the schedule on his laptop while handing it over to him, “But I have to remind you, our first game will be against Team Q.”

At that moment, the news about the ‘sleepwalking fatty’ was completely thrown to the back of Sacrificing God’s mind.

He quickly looked at the schedule and couldn’t help deeply knitting his brows.  He slightly pursed his lips and said, “We really do meet on a narrow path!”

“So you’re still planning on feeding?”  Ye Qian Hun’s lips gently curled as he handed a piece of paper to him, “Moreover, Team Q has changed their ADC this time.”

“Oh?”  Sacrificing Gods said in a surprised voice, “Didn’t they always have an ADC named Caesar when they played online?”

“Un.”  Ye Qian Hun narrowed his eyes and he looked at Bai Yong before turning back to Sacrificing Gods, “This person hasn’t appeared in a long time and he hasn’t logged in for a long time when I checked his account.”

“A powerful ADC like Caesar giving up on his career just like this, it really is a pity!”  Fatty didn’t forget to participate while eating his chips.

“Let’s not discuss giving up or not.”  Ye Qian Hun took out a pen from his bag and drew a line under Team Q’s ADC, “You should be familiar with their current starting ADC.”

As soon as his voice fell, everyone looked over.

Three seconds later, they were all ‘synched’ in their shock.

“Jade Tree Facing the Wind?”  Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled into a cold smile, “This competition really is a bit interesting.”

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