Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1262: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 30)

At that time, Feng Wu Yue who was a girl was Ye Qian Hun’s support.

Whether it was her positioning, her skills, or the ability to control vision around the dragon, she did it efficiently.

Feng Wu Yue of that year and He Miao Ling of now couldn’t be compared at all because they weren’t on the same level.

Feng Wu Yue in order to spend more time on practicing had cut her shoulder length hair into a boy’s haircut.

One year, she cut off all her fingernails just so she could play better during team fights.

That Feng Wu Yue was someone that the jungler Sacrificing Gods strangely admired.

When they won their first internet cafe tournament, he planned on confessing to her——

But she confessed first…...

“If I say I like you, can you come gank down bot more!”

“I will always only gank bot.”


That was the way they confessed and accepted that confession.

When Luo Qing Chen heard this, her lips couldn’t help twitching.  This also worked?

But the good times didn’t last since it was harder without sponsors or specialized training.

Half a year later, Feng Wu Yue left the team without a word.

She left a large sum of money when she left, a total of a hundred thousand.

Since disappearing, she appeared again in front of everyone half a year later as Q Team’s starting support.

Feng Wu Yue would never know that one the night she left, Sacrificing Gods would throw the hundred thousand that she left into the river.

The next day, he asked his father for one million to fund the team.

That boy who wanted to achieve his dream with his own hands had bowed his head to his father because of a girl.

“Everyone can guess the story that followed.”  Sacrificing Gods was already on his third cigarette.  While telling the story, he didn’t forget about Ye Qian Hun, “If it wasn’t for you not going home for money, would I have to go?”

“I don’t have a place to use money…..”

“Right, right, right, how could the always lonely person have a place to spend money?”

For their team back then, other than Feng Wu Yue, they were all rich people.  It was the same with fatty and the mid laner who went to study abroad.

Only Feng Wu Yue didn’t know anything about this.

“So Team W was smoothly formed because of this one million?”  Luo Qing Chen sipped her milk.  She held the cup with both hands to keep warm out of habit as she asked this.

“Un.”  Ye Qian Hun looked at her while holding the jacket for her, “We couldn’t participate in competitions because we lacked money, so naturally it went smoothly with money and ability.”

“But don’t you find it strange?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “Why did Feng Wu Yue have a hundred thousand?”

“Because of the signing bonus.”  Sacrificing Gods put out the cigarette in his hand and drank another glass of his wine before saying, “I heard that Team Q gave her over a million to sign.  I guess she felt bad for us, so she gave us a hundred thousand of it!”

“I don’t think Xiao Wu is like that…..”  Fatty lowered his head and said, “Although I am very disappointed in her!”

After all, they did fight together without caring about anything, that time couldn’t be replaced no matter how many years passed…...

“It doesn’t matter.”  Sacrificing Gods gave a shrug and pretended to reveal a relaxed smile, “Anyway, didn’t they sign up for the provincial tournament?  Strength speaks, doesn’t she have dreams?  Didn’t she leave W because of her dreams?  I want her to see what kind of team ends up on top in the end.”

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