Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1261: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 29)

Luo Qing Chen thought that this night would be awkward, but she never thought that at midnight, Sacrificing Gods would send a message to their team.

[Silver] Death God Priest: What to say, come and drink with brother!

[Challenger] Unparalleled Fatty: Roast, roast, roast, roast, meat, meat, meat!

[Gold] Half World Held Soul: Let’s go!

[Silver]: Dust Floating in the World: Ok.

[Bronze] Forever: Alright.


Fifteen minutes later, their group came to a ‘late night canteen’ near the hotel.

There weren’t many people, but there weren't few people, it was a very stylish izakaya.

“Didn’t we say we would get roasted meat?”  The fatty looked a bit awkward.  Luo Qing Chen saw his fat scrunched up face and couldn’t help revealing a smile.

Ye Qian Hun had already picked up the menu and ordered, “One cup of hot milk, one portion of foie gras and beef sushi, one steamed foie gras, and a portion of tamagoyaki.”

“My god!  God Qian, are you really here to drink with me?”  Death God Priest angrily looked at him like a death god.

“This is for Qing Chen.”  As soon as his voice fell, he gave the menu to fatty, “There’s roasted meat, order it yourself!”

Sacrificing Gods didn’t even look at the menu as he called to the waiter, “Give me a bottle of sake and a bottle of plum wine.”

“Alright.”  The waiter’s voice was very sweet.  Luo Qing Chen turned to see that it was a great beauty.

Fatty ordered quite a bit of roasted meat, about thirty skewers and he was excited about eating it alone.

Luo Qing Chen only ate the dishes Ye Qian Hun ordered her for.  She had to admit it, he really did have eyes for ‘ordering dishes’.

He could choose such good things even blindly ordering, she immediately ate it all and was half full.  Sacrificing Gods had already finished half the wine.

“The perfume on you is the one she uses…..He, he, he…..”  He gave two bitter laughs.  A few strands of silver hair fell over his eyes and he said, “I can smell it with one sniff.”

“Team Q has also signed up for the competition this time.”  Ye Qian Hun drank the cup on the table, “We should be meeting them in the finals!”

“What did you say?”  Sacrificing Gods’ eyes popped out, clearly never expecting Ye Qian Hun to give him this information.

“Wait, wait, wait……”  Fatty swallowed the roasted meat in his mouth before saying, “She…..is their main support?”

“Un.”  Ye Qian Hun nodded before his eyes casually fell onto Bai Yong and he asked him, “How do you feel their support compares to you?”

Bai Yong was surprised, like he never thought Ye Qian Hun would suddenly ask him this.  His expression changed a bit before he said, “I’ve seen the videos, her consciousness isn’t bad.  She should be a high ranking support.”

“Your evaluation of her really is high.”  Sacrificing Gods gave a taunting cold laugh before looking at the fatty, “Give me a cigarette.”

“Those things…..didn’t…..didn’t you quit?”  The fatty looked a bit awkward.  When he was hesitating on whether to give one or not, Sacrificing Gods had already taken it.

He lit it and took a deep puff before muttering with a bitter smile, “There are some things that you can’t quit.”

The story of that year was very long, but it was the deepest memory for them.

At that time, e-sport wasn’t as popular as it was now and the teams were all poorly gathered.

Unless you relied on your family, it would be dark if you wanted to compete.

But their group had persevered.

That year, with a small room, several computers, several cups of instant noodles, and a charming game.

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