Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1257: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 25)

A City wasn’t that far from S City, but it was the distance between two cities, so it definitely wasn’t close.

It took over three hours by bus and the provincial tournament would take around a week, so they couldn’t go back and forth.

Luo Qing Chen told her grandmother that she was going to winter camp.  Her grandmother wasn’t used to her short hair, so she pushed up her reading glasses before revealing a surprised look, “So it’s Xiao Qing!”

Her lips curled into an awkward smile and didn’t know what to say!

Her suitcase was big and she put in many things.  There were water bottles, underwear, a few handsome male clothing, and other things.  It completely filled up her suitcase.

So early next morning, the other four male gods were only carrying a single bag.

And she had a bag and a very large suitcase.

“Brother, are you going to winter camp?”  Fatty looked right at her small and large bag.

“What do you care!”  Luo Qing Chen said, “I call it living life well!”

Actually she wanted to say that this was the biggest difference between men and women, but she held back when these words came to her mouth.

“It’s more like troublesome.”  Sacrificing Gods didn’t forget to add as the end to this topic.

Long distance journeys were always tiring.  The bus was very quiet and everyone had their own space to enjoy with their headphones.

Luo Qing Chen had a window seat as she put her cheek on her right hand and looked out the window.

Ye Qian Hun was sitting beside her with a light blue sweater, looking at Luo Qing Chen out of the corner of his eyes from time to time.

It was very cloudy outside, like it was suddenly about to rain.

Facts proved that the storm came earlier than imagined.  With a boom, everyone who had been asleep was woken up.

The large bus suddenly stopped as a mudslide appeared in front of them.  The driver quickly turned the steering wheel and they fell into a large ditch.

Luo Qing Chen felt like she was rolling between life and death.  The person sitting beside her took her into his embrace with his left hand and firmly protected her.

“Aiyo!”  The fatty behind fell to the ground and angrily roared out, “This fat master is going to die!”

“Are you alright!”  Ye Qian Hun slightly knit his brows and his breathing was a bit fast.

Her eyes trembled a bit as she smelled a good scent.  This was her first time smelling this light fragrance.

“No…..Nothing.”  Luo Qing Chen forcefully controlled her breathing and knit her brows, “What happened?”

“There’s probably a landslide ahead.”  Ye Qian Hun slowly took back his hand before standing up to look out the window.

“It’s not just a landslide, the entire bus fell into a large ditch!”  The fatty behind them reached out his neck, “It’ll probably be very hard to get out.”

As soon as the fatty’s voice fell, the driver yelled out in the rain, “Everyone, I’m sorry.  Could everyone get out of the car first?  If the people who are strong can help me push the bus, I really would be grateful!”

Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows.  It was raining very hard outside and there was a bit of chill coming from the window.

Ye Qian Hun took an umbrella and a raincoat out of his bag for her, “Wear this and get out, it’s almost freezing outside.”

She was surprised as a faint sparkle appeared in her eyes.  She could even hear a bit of concern in his voice, as well as wanting to take care of her.

“Thank you.”  She took the raincoat and umbrella and her lips curled into a faint smile.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 50%.]

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