Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1255: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 23)

Only Play Support Without Explaining (V Certified: Team W Mid Laner): Going out without caring and keep giving up kills.  The support will never count how many times they’ve died.  I want to ask, are you qualified to play?

Luo Qing Chen used her main account to post because Ye Qian Hun had registered her so she could use the V Certification of the team.

To be reasonable, You Yu Lin didn’t talk to the previous host about V Certification at all.

Thinking about it now, he might have been planning on using the previous host in the first place.

Half World Held Soul(V Certified: Team W ADC): Un!  My mid laner is right!

Luo Qing Chen was surprised when she refreshed and the team chat immediately rang.

[Team] Death God Priest: What is with god Qian, you’re actually posting with Qing Chen!

[Team] Half World Held Soul: This is just providing the truth.

[Team] Unparalleled Fatty: Damn, damn, damn, I’ve completely changed my mind about god Qian.  Didn’t you say that it was better to play ranked instead of having time to look at the forums?

[Team] Half World Held Soul: It’s different now.

Pu!  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t stop her lips from curling into a faint smile as she felt a warm feeling fill her heart.

[Team] Death God Priest: But it has to be said, Qing Chen’s reply is just too awesome!  It’s fine to rhyme, but why doesn’t it seem normal when you say it?

[Team] Half World Held Soul: Did you use to go mid lane or bottom lane before?

[Team] Death God Priest: Of course it’s bottom lane!  After all, there’s you in the bottom lane, raising you is equal to winning!  (?。?)

[Team] Half World Held Soul: But now you’re going mid more than bot.

[Team] Death God Priest: Is that so~?  Oh, it seems like it!  It’s because going mid lane also leads to victory…..

[Team] Half World Held Soul: So it’s different now.

[Team] Death God Priest: …...

Because of Luo Qing Chen and Ye Qian Hun’s reply, the rather popular forum posts suddenly exploded.

A bunch of fans gradually became more excited while posting!

Milk Candy: Ah, ah, ah, ah!  God Qian said that the mid laner is his mid laner, my heart is a bit excited when hearing this!

Cool Green: W’s carries are so passionate!  Did god Qian give up on Sacrificing Gods and choose the new mid laner?

Light Blue Blue Blue: I think that since the new mid laner and god Qian are saying this, there must be a problem with this mid laner!

Buy One Get Two: This whole posts give me the feel of a little white flower!

Exquisite Beauty: (V Certification: Blazing Flame Support): What does the W mid laner mean by this?  I have no grudge against you, why are you coming out to attack me?

He Miao Ling sitting on the other side felt a bit anxious.  She wanted to use the pressure of the public opinion to make You Yu Lin give her the prize, but she never thought W’s group would appear!

Only Play Support Without Explaining (V Certified: Team W Mid Laner): Interesting!  Don’t you hate the girl named Dust Floating in the World the most?  How about I change her name to light up your eyes?

Exquisite Beauty: Are you crazy?  You know Dust Floating in the World?  Do you know what kind of person she is!  You don’t know anything and you’re standing on her side to bully me! (╥╯^╰╥)

He Miao Ling’s certification was suddenly lost.  It seemed like You Yu Lin was also watching this forum.

But she did a good job getting sympathy.  She said that she was wronged in between the lines and even used an emoticon!

Dust Floating in the World (V Certified: Team W Mid Laner): It’s not important if I know or not, the more important thing is…..Do you like this name?

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