Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1252: E-Sports god: Nation’s strongest ADC’s only couple (Part 20)

But He Miao Ling never thought that Ye Qian Hun’s group wouldn’t step on stage at all, directly leaving the internet cafe.

The fans who had been watching the game followed as they shouted their name: Congratulations W, congratulations W, congratulations W!

Ye Qian Hun put his hands in his pocket and stopped for a second.  He narrowed his dark as ink eyes and looked at You Yu Lin on stage.

That look determined that they would be enemies.

He Miao Ling was stunned.  When Ye Qian Hun was looking in their direction, her heart strangely skipped a beat and there was a very wonderful throb.

This was her first time seeing Ye Qian Hun, she had only heard the name ‘god Qian’ before.

He really was handsome!  It was unknown how many times more handsome he was compared to You Yu Lin.

The most important thing was that she was so good at playing support, she should be playing bot lane with this outstanding ADC!

Then they would be absolutely unparalleled…...

When she was lost in her own fantasy, Ye Qian Hun only let her with the view of his back.

Everyone thought that this matter was over, but they never thought that all kinds of news would flood the forums that night, it was a great shock to them.

At the same time, it gave the enemy a great shock!

«Soaring Flame Internet Cafe Event: Blazing Flame unwilling to lose!»

«Soaring Flame Internet Cafe cut off W’s voice comms, but it was a pity they still won!»

«Blazing Flames owes W an apology: Is getting Korean aid that good?»


The posts related to today’s competition were all on the forums.  After all, Ye Qian Hun had been playing the game in the main hall.

Although there was a separation line, the fans could all understand just by watching for such a large matter.

Frog at the Bottom of the Well: Is Soaring Flames joking?  They had a bit of fame after working as an internet cafe, but this time they really did stink!

Withered Leaves on the Ground: It more than stinks!  I feel sick as soon as I think about how they cut off the voice comms!  They really can only act as an internet cafe for life!

Ran Ran Likes Eating Grapes: Can W not participate in these kinds of competitions in the future, they were too wronged!  (╥╯^╰╥)

Messenger of Peace: God Qian just took off his headset, you fans are playing too much!

A Cute Rabbit: @Messenger of Peace, you really know how to talk BS based on your name.  Taking off the headset when you’re about to take baron, there’s no need to communicate?

Fragments of Broken Glass: @Messenger of Peace, I feel that you should check your hearing.  I was close to god Qian and I could hear the static from his headsets.


Luo Qing Chen flipped through the posts on the web and she had to admit that W really had quite a few fans.

Basically there were many fangirls for Ye Qian Hun or Sacrificing Gods, they could even compare to professional teams!

Although most of the posts were about the voice comm issues, there were a few posts about how she and Ye Qian Hun fought at baron.

Beating Heart: Did anyone notice that god Qian was very handsome when they were at baron! (*^-^*)

Small Highness: Yes, yes!  This old woman’s young heart!  Where did this new mid lander come from, god Qian was very powerful when he saved him!

Brocaded Zither Night: +1 above!  God Qian definitely wouldn’t do this, he would have sold out the mid laner or waited for the support before saving them!

Hooking My Heart: +2 above!

Danish Flower: +10086 above!


Luo Qing Chen found that it was very warm having fans after reading these posts.

Although….these didn’t seem to be her fans!

But she felt very happy that they supported their team.  After all, when the previous host was in Blazing Flame, she never had any fans…...

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